Travelling karma … I have lots! Part-2

Life progressed and rail yatra, bus yaatra,  pad yatras ( walking), got converted to vayu yatras ( air travel). I started spending more time on makemytrip, etc in order to manage my office and life outside office . Few things are to be noted :

  1. Once you click on the book-a-flight option and the payment is done are in for a ride in case any of your plans change ( this ride involves making a big hole in your pocket)
  2. Airport has rules of checking in . You cant rush and catch a plane!

Some instances of my first few plane travels are noteworthy

  1. Scene : I am to board an air India flight , its to depart at 7:30 pm something, I did not want to travel by this plane, I had heard about a ghastly experience that my friend had with air India read it here :  , we were waiting at the airport , the time now is 8:45 pm . People are confused on why the plane is delayed. I got a very ominous feeling about the whole thing. They announced that we are to board a flight at 9:00 pm , I got this very strong feeling that I am going to die on this flight ( I remembered that astrologer saying that I will die during travel 😀 ). I do not know from which corner of my sub conscious this thought came up. But it was really strong and felt real. I wanted to walk back to the airport. It was drizzling slightly. I checked my nostrils while getting on to the plane. For one moment I felt scared that I will never get to see the people I love. I got tears, wiped them, took a deep breath in and let it out. Got into the plane in this intense state of fear. The air condition in the plane was not working, there were all drunk and drowsy people around my seat. After I got over my emotion, my inner voice got activated again and started to speak ‘ even if you die now it is ok, someday you have to die, you have a guru, not to worry, all will be fine’. Remembering Guruji reduced my fear little bit and with just a faith in Guruji that all that is good will only happen ( even if it is my death). I put my earphones (a talk of Guruji’s playing on the phone) on and closed my eyes blessing the whole world. All through the flight I had intense headache and pain in my ears. I did not open my eyes. When the announcement came, we are going to land. I felt new and fresh. Since then this near death experience in my mind has given me so much strength, to go on in life, and worry less about mundane things ( like money 😀 , girlfriend 😉 , etc :D) now I live life more fully . Although I am not completely over it, but it has reduced. Thanks to the plane yatra!
  2. Getting off-loaded : I check in at the right time, I stand in line for clearance, and the line is really long, one guy from the airways comes ans says sir chennai flight??? I say YES. He says doors are closed, I say why did you not announce my name even once. He says  some problem sir etc. I run and run but the flight hits the runway and it goes away! I am off loaded and my luggage comes back. I have to take a flight tomorrow instead of today. Money waste, time waste.
  3. Bhaag Kullu Bhaag: The flight is at 3:50 pm , I have a night shift in office and think ill just sleep off for some time, I wake up at 2:50 pm in my house in the city. STRESS. I have to be on this flight because my best friend is getting married that evening. I just grab whatever I see and run. I call for an auto. He says 400 ( I say ok 😦 ). I tell I have a flight in one hour and tell him to run. By God’s grace and my intense prayer it was a miraculous auto journey of 15 mins to the airport. He really drove like his life depends on it. I was too busy praying to see how many places in the journey I would have been killed (Again  I remembered that astrologer saying that I will die during travel 😀 ). However thinking about nothing but the flight, I ran with my suitcase. I reached the airport, again there was a long line for getting the boarding pass. It was already 3:20 and 3:50 is the departure. I announce to everyone in general that I have to catch a flight and if I can break the line and go forward. They do allow me. I get the boarding pass and they close the check-in just after that. I feel like I have climbed the mount everest!


Many such incidents have occured in a short span of my plane journey.I can go on and on about it. But I would like to stop here.

Jai Guru Dev


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