Typically typical

5:00 am it is, my alarm rings and still asleep I can listen to it, I wake up, reduce the fan speed by 2, mentally thinking that after 30 minutes of just lying down my alarm will ring and I will be awake, starting my day early and today all my work will get done 🙂


Get up ! its 7:00 am, shouts my dad while banging on the door. Wondering why my alarm did not ring at 5:30 am I wake up with a grumpy feeling and brush. Like a small child, who hates going to school, I carry my potato shaped body with more or less the same feeling towards the gym. After what feels like eternity ( 1.5 hours 😉 ) I walk out feeling more active, and proud to have survived one more day at the gym, short term pain and long term gain I think and smile heading home.

I come back home and ask mom what there for breakfast. Upma/Poha what do you want to eat is her typical reply. Anything will do is what I say daily and poha wins the bet almost daily 🙂 . After poha I sit to watch some TV. 10 to 15 mins into any channel and plonk, come 10:30 am and its time for the morning powercut. A novel occupies my time while the power is gone (till 12:30). While my mom walks towards the kitchen to prepare lunch, I head to my room for a blissful round of padmasadhana with Kashi bhaiya (on the audio). I stretch and be still for sometime, feeling cool and calm within, by the time I open my eyes, lunch is ready. I have my mid day meal. Then do some job search and web surfing in the afternoon.

Impatience, jealousy, prayer are dominant in the afternoon when I see my friends doing some awesome service activities and putting up pictures of their part in creating a better world, tears swell up when I see some of my facebook friends visiting Guruji or the ashram.

WHAT AM I DOING IN MY LIFE is the most dominant thought and I pray that my life moves from this inertia phase and I also start a job and start doing some seva or another soon. Soon my brooding leads to the evening when it is time to do the sudarshan kriya. Evening sudarshan kriya is the best part of my day when my mind rests. It really is a gift to be able to practise it.


Before sunset I have my dinner and watch TV till 10 pm (series of serials, please don’t ask)

Every night I read some pages of Yoga Vasistha and then praying for the alarm to ring again at 5:00 am I go to sleep again. Remembering Guruji and telling myself I that all good will only happen, I go to bed.



This is how most of my days have typically been in the past few weeks… Yes I have been doing nothing at all, let alone anything interesting to put up here. I am giving my best so things move in my life, If you also reading this please pray and wish that things do move and I get to write more and do more in my life 🙂


Lots of love



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