Hi there Haider

Strange are the ways of karma. They can make a pauper a king and vise versa in a flash. In short we don’t know how we will be rewarded for something good we have done or face consequences of something bad that happened through us. Sitting through this movie called “Haider” I am pretty sure some(actually lots) of my bad karma balance has reduced. Please note that all the comments made here after are what I think about Haider.

What a movie to watch!!!

1.Extremely pristine setting of kashmir is made to look glum and sad(dissapointment no 1).

2. There is excatly one joke in the movie. LOL

3. Everyone plays mysteriously confusing characters, you don’t know who is on whose side and why are they doing whatever they are doing ,till the end I was trying to figure out where the story is going (at last I find there is no story at all)

4. Unwanted romance and love comes and goes now and then (it is mandatory to have a kiss and a song involving hero heroine almost naked . BOLLYWOOD remember)

5. There is a bird dance song which makes the bird community look scary in a very creative way. I think the bird community should sue haider for 100 crores, because they are the animals who were harmed(besides the audience) in this movie.

6. At the end of any movie generally you feel that it was paisa wasool ,okok types , one time watch, boring, waste of time . But haider alters your perception in a  very sad way that you are left totally blank when it ends. It zombofied me at least for some time. 

Almost everybody dies in the movie . And those alive have nothing left to live for.

So urgent it was for me to write this now at 3:19 am for I feared I would postpone it and go to sleep and never remember that I watched something called Haider .


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