What I want ….

This post comes after another virtual slumber, I’ve been busy doing a lot of things. Off late I think I am approaching the pre mid life crisis phase, where I am really beginning to think if what I am doing right now in life is really what I want to do. One side of my brain wants to earn lots of money (to travel, buy gadgets, help people, learn new things) and the other side of my brain wants to cut through the monotony of life which I feel I am getting into.

So here is a list of things I want to do , If you know anyone who can help , please contact me ASAP.

Health front :

1. I am 13 kgs overweight , so have to reduce my tummy, have joined a gym

Lifestyle :

1. I want to own an Ipad, a DSLR ( and learn basic photography ) and a few board games ( this topic needs another blog post so will put it up there )

2. I want to do a Data analytic course

3. I want to be a certified cranio sacral therapist

4. I want to Visit america

5. I want to ….

Now come to think of it … sometimes I want a few things, then I do not want them after some time. So is it really important to pay attention to what you want and what you do not. Because in the end you get what is good for you only 🙂



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