Not a love story!

As she sat down and ordered her favorite espresso coffee, her mind began to wander. An awesome job, a beautiful tiny flat, a decent looking guy in life, is this all … Does this define my life, is this the whole point!!! She thought.

Her trail of thoughts was broken when the waiter got her order, she was looking at her coffee and again thought, I must have gone crazy, I have everything anyone can ask for, why am I even thinking if it is enough!!!

Jia was a decent looking girl who always believed in independence and freedom. Her family was in favor of her thought process and helped her to become an independent and self-made successful chef (something that she had always wanted to become).

Day in and day out she went into her 5-star kitchen and cooked, supervised, got feedback etc and , came out late and tired, when she was not working she would spend her time with Akshay, who she had met in college, Akshay went out to be an architect and was quite busy himself. As a result both of them made time for each other a few times a week, and when they did meet it was all about honoring their time with each other and pouring as much love as possible on each other before they headed back to their unconnected work lives. Both of them were successfully established in their careers which got a certain kind of maturity into the relationship leaving no space for insecurities and complaints to exist. All in all it was a happy relationship.

Four years into the relationship, Jia sat on the coffee table thinking, where is this relationship going, where is her life going, where is her career going. And she had no answers to where she would be 10 years down the line.


She called Akshay and he was on his way, she smiled and cut the call.

She had her questions ready for him when he arrived.

A few minutes later Akshay took his seat opposite to Jia , after some small talk, Jia felt silent. Akshay asked “ Whats the matter?

Jia replied “ I was thinking of something I wanted to know your views about..

Akshay replied “ Hmmm, tell me

Jia did not know how to start the conversation, she decided being blunt was the best way.

I don’t know where we are going in this relationship, I want to know what plans you have for yourself, and what plans you have (if any) for the both of us?

Akshay looked at her, pleasantly surprised “Why did this thought come to you all of a sudden?” He asked.

I don’t know, lately , I feel there is something incomplete, some void

Akshay, “ To be frank I myself have not given it much of a thought and I am completely happy about how things are right now, but give me some time, I would also like to think and see what best we can do about your questions

Hmmm” she said

The next time they met a week later , Akshay was waiting for Jia, He planted a soft kiss on her cheeks as she sat down.

So , I did think about what you asked me last time, and I think I am ready with an answer

Ok”, she said.

Jia, since we have met each other, we both have been ambitious, and quite busy in making our own identities, I am a son, an architect, a friend and many other things, but a very important fact that I did not notice till you asked me those questions is that  YOU are also a big part of my identity, We’ve been together for almost 7-8 years since college and although our lives have been very independent and discrete, they also have been connected at a very primal level. I think this is a very essential part of my life and identity and I would definitely like to have this forever

And in a second a diamond ring came out of Akshay’s pocket and he proposed to Jia .

Jia was in tears and stood still for a moment.

Will you marry me”, Akshay asked.

NO”, Jia said and stormed out of the restaurant

………… to be continued



Lots of love

Kullu 🙂

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