Not about me

Continuing the last post on how to be happy and content!!!!

There is a sipritual angle to the answer as well as a not so obviously spiritual answer to this. May be reading the following sentences you will be able to see the spiritual as well as the not so spiritual answer 🙂

  1. Do something for others, it will definitely make you happy, provided you dont expect them to praise you, criticize you, love you, or even smile a you. Just do it!!! you will see that doing this will 100% make you happy.
  2. Do what you like, if you like cheescake, eat it, if you like computer games, play, if you like to sleep, take a long nap. doing what you like to do will shut your mind off the thought process for some time and when your mind stops running you will see happiness is there 🙂
  3. lastly all the discontentment comes when you only think about your own self, what will happen to you, will the things you want to happen occur or not, all this thinking about yourself will drain any happiness and contentment that is there. So make your life more of a “not about me” than a “only about me” and you will see everything that is good for you will come and will come more than you need it 🙂


Lots of love




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