Ingredients of life part 8

So some new additions in this section, here is the first one.

Two and a half years ago Ramya came to hyderabad (she deserves a full fleged post which will manifest here when the time is right),  Ramya, Jayant Nasa and me we were a team and had a lot of fun, learning and masti together. During this time around , navaratri happened and like every year we took a huge group of our students to the ashram, for those who do not know navaratri is like a huge gathering of the art of living fraternity. Everyone from everywhere makes sure that they are in the ashram during this pious time. So all of us teachers volunteers come here during these five days, chill and meet each other catch up on what is happening/not happening in each others lives.


That particular navaratri I got to know this huge group of young and chirpy people from Delhi.

We played some games, did some masti and after navaratri we went back to our regular routine.

As usual when we meet a new set of people, we remember some , we dont remember some, some people remember us, and some people dont remember us. Out of this happy picture above few stayed in my mind, fewer stayed in touch.

One of these few who bothered to stay in touch was Rahul Chauhan and he is the reason for this post to happen.

So we spoke once in a while, as an acquaitance I did reply and that was it from my side. I only remembered him when I wanted to get some doubt cleared regarding my chanting, otherwise for me he was just another student of my co-teacher, who I heard was a very dedicated and sincere person.

After that I happened to visit Delhi for a wedding and there I met him properly. Even though I did not know him so well, the vibe was so effortless around him. After that we next met for the world cultural festival. There I became good friends with him. After that it has been a great experience knowing and being his friend.

Rahul Chauhan has come qualities that I find very inspiring and warm:

  1. First thing you will notice about him is his smile reaches his eyes, which is very infectious (may be a result of his super disciplined chanting and meditation schedule he follows)
  2. Loves people and expresses it also, even if he doesn’t get the same level of love back. Will send you surprise gifts without name or address on it, without checking if we got it or not.
  3. Is very clear and innocent in his intentions, as far as I have seen does not want to hurt anyone, does not wish bad for anyone.
  4. Is a very good company to keep around, does not talk bad about anyone, always has good things to share and brings you back on track in case you go off track. Tip: Always keep such people around you, who are well spoken in terms of the things they talk, because the company you keep affects your state of mind.
  5. Has a very warm heart which will melt you, this heart is warm, this heart is strong 🙂

I am very glad to call Rahul a good&close&best friend today. Definitely a value addition to my life, he has taught me that giving matters more than receiving, giving love is the only way to receive it, and some people are special, special in a way we can not explain, since the beginning the connection with rahul has been so effortless, I am glad to have you as a friend in my life!

P.s- Here is a picture attached of Rahul

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-25 at 5.40.36 PM

Lots of love



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