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Ingredients of life part 9

I have chocked a lot while writing this post, so pardon any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in the text that follows.

“Ramya Srinivasan is coming to hyderabad, please meet her and work with her”, I got a call from my mentor priyamani, I had just started working in Hyderabad after shifiting from Chennai and heard that this very good teacher is coming from Delhi to hyderabad because she got married.

” Just meet her kull, she will really like you” , my mentor said. Out of curiosity I did some fb research and it was full of group photos of people meditating and teaching courses etc.


I thought ok must be a good teacher. Got her number and called her, there was no answer from the other side (this tradition continues till date). Somehow we coordinated how we will meet and the first time we met was for going to meet Guruji in Hyderabad.

I was told the location of her place and went to pick her up (this tradition also continues till date for all aol occassions).

Her husband was standing in the balcony and gave me a friendly smile, as usual when we meet a stranger usual formalities and pleasantary greetings were exchanged. From hanji batayie to abe chal, we have come a long way in these 2.5 years.

One thing I really appreciate in her is how sensitive she is, once it so happened that we were going through one of our umpteen travel journeys, she suddenly asked me ” Everything is fine na kullu with you?” It was out of genuine concern, and I was indeed going through some stuff in my life at that time. This I have seen a lot of times that she is just there to listen to you, a quality I deeply respect.


The faith she has is very inspiring. On another such occassion I just got momentarily scared about something bad that was going to happen, even she did not know excatly what would happen to me, but she firmly said, dont worry kullu, nothing bad will happen to you, and this statement shook me a little, about how firm one’s faith should be.


Coming to the masala stuff, she is very much into material things, loves them , enjoys them. Most of the very intense conversations we have had were around how people look, what they wear, who is dating whom ( in the real world and also reel world i.e bollywood). All these conversations happen with such humour that we dont realise where time has passed. We have both had tears of laughter while these conversations!!!


On the other hand, we also have had lot of meaningful conversations about life, where it is going, what are our goals in the organisation, what are our hurdles in life etc etc etc, all this talking used to happen during our numerous car journeys only and never I have felt like I am talking to a stranger or someone who is not family, ramya di will make u feel at home ๐Ÿ™‚ Always.


One thing common with me and didi is the connection with the Guru, been with her almost on 80% of the courses she has taught here in hyderabad, and the connection we share with the Guru to spread his work is what I feel binds us together in this bond. One such special moment was when we were teaching a course in a college, as usual the course was awesome but when the principal came and asked the students how the workshop was, the kids shared things which left both ramya and me in tears, it will be my most cherished memory with didi and also otherwise in life ๐Ÿ™‚




We have had times when we there were high level of anxieties, we have had times when there was so much joy, we have had times when I had lost a close one, we have had times when we had to skilfully manage life. All in all it was a ride full of laughter, fun, joy, few tears, and may be one or two fights. I was told that she is a very senior and good teacher but she turned out to be family. Here is a pic of one of our adventure together.


So you people must be thinking why am I writing all these good things now, well like all good things become better, didi also is going to another phase of her life starting her life again in a new place somewhere up north. It almost feels like a sister is going away after marriage, where you are also happy for her new life but emotional for the good times that happened ๐Ÿ™‚ All the best didi. Lots of love to you. Thank you for coming to hyderabad ๐Ÿ™‚


Lots of love

Gullu *Happy Tear*


Ingredients of life part 8

So some new additions in this section, here is the first one.

Two and a half years ago Ramya came to hyderabad (she deserves a full fleged post which will manifest here when the time is right), ย Ramya, Jayant Nasa and me we were a team and had a lot of fun, learning and masti together. During this time around , navaratri happened and like every year we took a huge group of our students to the ashram, for those who do not know navaratri is like a huge gathering of the art of living fraternity. Everyone from everywhere makes sure that they are in the ashram during this pious time. So all of us teachers volunteers come here during these five days, chill and meet each other catch up on what is happening/not happening in each others lives.


That particular navaratri I got to know this huge group of young and chirpy people from Delhi.

We played some games, did some masti and after navaratri we went back to our regular routine.

As usual when we meet a new set of people, we remember some , we dont remember some, some people remember us, and some people dont remember us. Out of this happy picture above few stayed in my mind, fewer stayed in touch.

One of these few who bothered to stay in touch was Rahul Chauhan and he is the reason for this post to happen.

So we spoke once in a while, as an acquaitance I did reply and that was it from my side. I only remembered him when I wanted to get some doubt cleared regarding my chanting, otherwise for me he was just another student of my co-teacher, who I heard was a very dedicated and sincere person.

After that I happened to visit Delhi for a wedding and there I met him properly. Even though I did not know him so well, the vibe was so effortless around him. After that we next met for the world cultural festival. There I became good friends with him. After that it has been a great experience knowing and being his friend.

Rahul Chauhan has come qualities that I find very inspiring and warm:

  1. First thing you will notice about him is his smile reaches his eyes, which is very infectious (may be a result of his super disciplined chanting and meditation schedule he follows)
  2. Loves people and expresses it also, even if he doesn’t get the same level of love back. Will send you surprise gifts without name or address on it, without checking if we got it or not.
  3. Is very clear and innocent in his intentions, as far as I have seen does not want to hurt anyone, does not wish bad for anyone.
  4. Is a very good company to keep around, does not talk bad about anyone, always has good things to share and brings you back on track in case you go off track. Tip: Always keep such people around you, who are well spoken in terms of the things they talk, because the company you keep affects your state of mind.
  5. Has a very warm heart which will melt you, this heart is warm, this heart is strong ๐Ÿ™‚

I am very glad to call Rahul a good&close&best friend today. Definitely a value addition to my life, he has taught me that giving matters more than receiving, giving love is the only way to receive it, and some people are special, special in a way we can not explain, since the beginning the connection with rahul has been so effortless, I am glad to have you as a friend in my life!

P.s- Here is a picture attached of Rahul

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-25 at 5.40.36 PM

Lots of love


Not about me

Continuing the last post on how to be happy and content!!!!

There is a sipritual angle to the answer as well as a not so obviously spiritual answer to this. May be reading the following sentencesย you will be able to see the spiritual as well as the not so spiritual answer ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Do something for others, it will definitely make you happy, provided you dont expect them to praise you, criticize you, love you, or even smile a you. Just do it!!! you will see that doing this will 100% make you happy.
  2. Do what you like, if you like cheescake, eat it, if you like computer games, play, if you like to sleep, take a long nap. doing what you like to do will shut your mind off the thought process for some time and when your mind stops running you will see happiness is there ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. lastly all the discontentment comes when you only think about your own self, what will happen to you, will the things you want to happen occur or not, all this thinking about yourself will drain any happiness and contentment that is there. So make your life more of a “not about me” than a “only about me” and you will see everything that is good for you will come and will come more than you need it ๐Ÿ™‚


Lots of love



Food, sex, love and human-ness

Day in and day out, we are interacting with people, we judge them, we like to be around some of them, we do not like to be around some, every person we interact with makes us feel certain things inside and based on our memory we judge if these feelings are good(or bad) for us and hence decide to be around a particular set of people, or not be around a particular set of them.

A few days back I was asked who my best friend was, and before I could answer, the rest of my friends present there said โ€œIske to bohot best friends haiโ€ (He has a lot of best friends). I laughed it out, but I thought about it and saw a few things that I have done in my life and the people I know have done in their lives to make their connections strong with people around them. So here are few pointers I thought would make a good read:

  1. A lot of bonding happens when we eat food together,9b986666be1aa7ccafefc976a923521a if you look back in your life the people with whom you regularly eat food with over time become your very good friends. I do not know how it works, but it definitely does. How I have applied this in my life is as follows: Whenever I have to catch up with a long lost friend or have had a fight with some friend and want to make things up, I meet them over food, pamper them, feed them what they love, put my full heart and happily dine with them, listen to all that they want to complain/talk/shout about.Tilll now 100% of the times it has happened that at the end of the meal my connection with the person has grown stronger. Believe me FOOD never fails ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. A lot of jokes that close friends crack revolve around sex. a7b8575d0653c5e69f4f6c47ddcbf53bIt somehow catches peopleโ€™s attention, sometimes conversations start with how hot a particular a movie actor is, soon we see a group of friends cracking non-veg jokes on people around them, major youth gossip revolves around who is going around with whom, discussing crush/heart-breakes/first dates/love bites etc. Adult jokes are a good laugh and are cracked only with friends who you donโ€™t feel will judge you, friends who accept you for who you are, friends with whom you feel at home, generally these kind of friends know you inside out and know how strong or weak your character is too.
  3. People connect also because of love, d9be4145aa5f7337dc43afb85f1cc567this love need not necessarily be towards each other, it can also be love for someone else or something else other than the both of them. Some people become very good friends because they love playing board games, they love travelling, they love cars etc. Whilst this type of bonding can be short lived, I have made a lot of good friends because of common interests too. It need not necessarily be short lived too.
  4. There is a certain vibration that everyone sends out while interacting with people, aa6ff095830a937a8e189dc1d7efdd04the kind of vibrations you carry anywhere is the way you will make people feel when you are around them. And this is the basis of any connection we make. People would want to be around you or spend time with you primarily because of how you make them feel when they are with you. For this you cannot take a pill/tonic to make your vibration better. Usually we see that people who are stress free, who are generally happy more often in life, people who are content, have a very good vibe and people will want to be around them. So the final and the best way to maintain relationships is to have a good vibe, this comes by being happy and content. This works even better than food.

How to be happy and content??? Watch out for the next post!!!

P.S – If you feel something can be added to this list, do comment, would love to read ๐Ÿ™‚

Lots of love


Not a love story!

As she sat down and ordered her favorite espresso coffee, her mind began to wander. An awesome job, a beautiful tiny flat, a decent looking guy in life, is this all โ€ฆ Does this define my life, is this the whole point!!! She thought.

Her trail of thoughts was broken when the waiter got her order, she was looking at her coffee and again thought, I must have gone crazy, I have everything anyone can ask for, why am I even thinking if it is enough!!!

Jia was a decent looking girl who always believed in independence and freedom. Her family was in favor of her thought process and helped her to become an independent and self-made successful chef (something that she had always wanted to become).

Day in and day out she went into her 5-star kitchen and cooked, supervised, got feedback etc and , came out late and tired, when she was not working she would spend her time with Akshay, who she had met in college, Akshay went out to be an architect and was quite busy himself. As a result both of them made time for each other a few times a week, and when they did meet it was all about honoring their time with each other and pouring as much love as possible on each other before they headed back to their unconnected work lives. Both of them were successfully established in their careers which got a certain kind of maturity into the relationship leaving no space for insecurities and complaints to exist. All in all it was a happy relationship.

Four years into the relationship, Jia sat on the coffee table thinking, where is this relationship going, where is her life going, where is her career going. And she had no answers to where she would be 10 years down the line.


She called Akshay and he was on his way, she smiled and cut the call.

She had her questions ready for him when he arrived.

A few minutes later Akshay took his seat opposite to Jia , after some small talk, Jia felt silent. Akshay asked โ€œ Whats the matter?โ€

Jia replied โ€œ I was thinking of something I wanted to know your views about..โ€

Akshay replied โ€œ Hmmm, tell me โ€œ

Jia did not know how to start the conversation, she decided being blunt was the best way.

โ€œI donโ€™t know where we are going in this relationship, I want to know what plans you have for yourself, and what plans you have (if any) for the both of us?โ€

Akshay looked at her, pleasantly surprised โ€œWhy did this thought come to you all of a sudden?โ€ He asked.

โ€œI donโ€™t know, lately , I feel there is something incomplete, some voidโ€

Akshay, โ€œ To be frank I myself have not given it much of a thought and I am completely happy about how things are right now, but give me some time, I would also like to think and see what best we can do about your questionsโ€

โ€œHmmmโ€ she said

The next time they met a week later , Akshay was waiting for Jia, He planted a soft kiss on her cheeks as she sat down.

โ€œSo , I did think about what you asked me last time, and I think I am ready with an answerโ€

โ€œOkโ€, she said.

โ€œJia, since we have met each other, we both have been ambitious, and quite busy in making our own identities, I am a son, an architect, a friend and many other things, but a very important fact that I did not notice till you asked me those questions is that ย YOU are also a big part of my identity, Weโ€™ve been together for almost 7-8 years since college and although our lives have been very independent and discrete, they also have been connected at a very primal level. I think this is a very essential part of my life and identity and I would definitely like to have this foreverโ€

And in a second a diamond ring came out of Akshayโ€™s pocket and he proposed to Jia .

Jia was in tears and stood still for a moment.

โ€œWill you marry meโ€, Akshay asked.

โ€œNOโ€, Jia said and stormed out of the restaurant

โ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ to be continued



Lots of love

Kullu ๐Ÿ™‚

There and Back again


Back here again, I think it has become a pattern to come back here once in a while and promise you all that I will be regular with my posts and then again disappearย from the blogoshpere.

Well this time I am going to make no promises and break them, lets hope that I get time and awesome content to write and share with you all regularly and in the process keep this blog alive ๐Ÿ™‚

A quick update, did an art of living silence program after a long 2 years , and am brimming with enthusiasm and creativity. Keep watching this space for more ๐Ÿ™‚


What I want ….

This post comes after another virtual slumber, I’ve been busy doing a lot of things. Off late I think I am approaching the pre mid life crisis phase, where I am really beginning to think if what I am doing right now in life is really what I want to do. One side of my brain wants to earn lots of money (to travel, buy gadgets, help people, learn new things) and the other side of my brain wants to cut through the monotony of life which I feel I am getting into.

So here is a list of things I want to do , If you know anyone who can help , please contact me ASAP.

Health front :

1. I am 13 kgs overweight , so have to reduce my tummy, have joined a gym

Lifestyle :

1. I want to own an Ipad, a DSLR ( and learn basic photography ) and a few board games ( this topic needs another blog post so will put it up there )

2. I want to do a Data analytic course

3. I want to be a certified cranio sacral therapist

4. I want to Visit america

5. I want to ….

Now come to think of it … sometimes I want a few things, then I do not want them after some time. So is it really important to pay attention to what you want and what you do not. Because in the end you get what is good for you only ๐Ÿ™‚