Sardar By mistake part 6 :)

Its been really long since I started writing this series , also I observed that part 2 in this series of posts has gone missing from the blog ( ? ) ( I don’t know how ) . So here is the continuation . If you want to read the previous parts , you can go to the Sardar By mistake category in the category cloud 😀

Part 6 :

After his first few days in J2 kulpreeth had made quite a good number of friends , some acquaintances and few enemies . Among friends were the Maharastra gang who formed his immediate neighbourhood in class. They consisted of Ninad , Abhinandan , Shishir , Harshal . There was also a very quite and peaceful telugu soul who like me had come from the J1 section . Shivrama was his name and unlike the rest of the telugu world he liked to hang out with us non telugu people. ( I liked him because he tolerated the maratha pranks played on him quite effortlessly ). There was another telugu guy called Hari Om . To begin with he entered kulpreeth’s life as a friend , but later turned out to be an enemy. Then there were two very sweet people Rajat and Deepesh . Rajat belonged to Orissa and Deepesh was from Bhilai. These two were the Maharastra gang’s hostel mates so they happened to become kulpreeth’s friends too. The classes very too much fun in J2 . But the mood started to become more and more serious in class as the board exams approached. The teachers at whom J2 threw trash the whole year were honoured beyond perception as the exams came near. The class listened with rapt attention if any of the teachers is hinting about anything important that might appear in the exam during the classes. Panic was clearly seen in just one class. FRENCH ! Nobody listened to the teacher and created more than havoc here for the whole year . Now only panic and misery reflected in their faces as the chilled out teacher revised the portions ( They were listening it for the first time ). But kulpreeth had resolved to pass the subject and put his heart and soul into the french textbook , as a result four days before the exam he had learned quite a decent amount of french. When ninad and others came to know of it , they asked him to teach whatever he can in the time that they had left. One after the other he would repeat the stuff to different people , clear the doubts while he is teaching , till 10:30 pm he would just be teaching french . But he felt all this hard work was flushed down the drain when the french teacher came just one day before the exam and gave three model papers and told the class to study just that . ( Supposedly he had set the board exam paper and gave us the model papers so we all could pass the exam. ) That day kulpreeth resolved that any time in life if given a choice between the tough-and-right path and the easy-and-corrupt path , he will choose the former. The board exams started and after the first exam , kulpreeth came for the study hours in college and had quite a spectacular fall down the stairs. ( you should never run down the stairs when the light is off and there is unseen food fallen on the stairs ). The fall resulted in an ankle which got swollen and was paining  for two days kulpreeth ignored the pain and concentrated on the board exams . But on the third day his parents stepped into the picture and within three hours there was a white plaster on his leg waiting to dry and he lay on a government hospital bench cursing his fate , thinking of ways by which he would pass the exam the next day ( It was physics exam and he was really bad at physics). Ideas like hiding chits in the plaster came to his mind , but then he remembered his anti-corruption pledge and left it all to God (Hewas rewarded ,he got a 55/60 in the exam .. Yay! ). Everyday , his dad would come and pick him up like a log of wood and climb up three floors to his examination center and then would take him back ( * Salute* to his dad and his body building without which this would not be possible ). The board exams ended and Kulpreeth ended up getting a 92% in the exam . From J2 it was now time to move to the Senior batch . J1 , J2, J3 became S1, S2 , S3 ( for kulpreeth it was just moving a step closer to the DOOM – read the IITJEE exam ) . kulpreeth was praying that he should not be put in the S1 and his prayers were answered , he was happy to see familiar faces in S2 and this time instead of sitting in the first row he chose to be seated in the back side of the class near one of the windows .As the teachers would speak on and on about the approaching IIT exam and how they should gear up for it , kulpreeth would happily shift his attention outside the window and admire the city and its many beauties visible from the window 🙂 . It was in this last bench that he became close friends with Deepesh , also Deepesh introduced kulpreeth to Harry potter . While the rest of the class lost itself in ” Concepts of physics ” , ” Organic chemistry” .. Kulpreeth was lost in the world of wizards and witches. When he thought life could get no better , his new found interests of novels and sight seeing calmed his mind a bit and he started improving at mathematic and physics , also he was quite good at chemistry ( all the credit was of the teachers of the respective subjects who were simply brilliant and all of them complemented kulpreeth that he was a very intelligent kid 😉 ) . But this better performance threw him in the top section S1 . When the results were announced , on the outside Kulpreeth was made to smile , but inside he was crying …

To be continued ….


Kullu 🙂


Part 5 :)

Kulpreeth entered the J2 class that was to be his home till he worked his ass hard enough to get back into J1. He went and occupied the first bench and looked around this new classroom. He liked the classroom a lot. There were big windows and this class had two balconies from where cool air would blow and the windows showed us a beautiful view of the city. The college bus brought the hostel kids to class and as they entered they filled the class with noise. In J1 , time before the start of the morning class (i.e. 5:00 am to 6:00 am ) passed in utter silence. The students would come and quietly occupy their seats and drool over the bench or take out their books and study or solve problems , any one who made any noise was thrown looks of disgust and irritation both from the people who were sleeping and from those who were studying. When J1 cultivated an atmosphere of a library during the early hours, J2 would be called nothing less than a Mad House! People would enter into the class and make as much noise as was possible in order to get to their favourite seats first ( it was like a race , they would run and climb four floors of the building just to reach in time to grab their favourite seats). The seats which caused fights and arguments were the ones right below the A/C and by the windows. People abused and fought with others who reserved seats for their friends who had not yet arrived. These fights were quite funny to watch. The fun part of the fight was due to the fact that this class had a good number of non-Telugu population (Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra , Bhilai , Orissa, kerela, Karnataka and many other states had come together under this one roof ). Now whenever an argument happened it involved a good deal of abusing in the mother tongue. So suppose say two parties were fighting and one of the party is Telugu (it almost always happened that one of the parties was Telugu 😀 ) and the other party is Maharastra , the Telugu people would say something as mediocre as “stupid people “ in Telugu under their breadth, which the Maharastra party would take as a very bad abuse and would generously shower their lot of atrocious abuses in Marathi onto the Telugus. Now Kulpreeth knew Hindi , Telugu and a little bit of Marathi ( his mom was from Maharastra). Tears rolled down his eyes as he laughed his heart out watching one of the Telugu parites mercilessly lose to the Maharastra people. On one side there were fuming Telugu faces , on the other side there was triumph. Kulpreeth really looked forward to spending time in this class, as the Maharastra gang came and settled themselves around him he found them all in high spirits and they smiled at him. He found out that the fair guy sitting beside him was Abhinandan and on the other side sat Ninad and they both gestured for one boy from the last bench to come forward but he did not come. He found out that most of the people around him conversed in Marathi .He felt totally comfortable , for a moment or two he forgot that he was in a Telugu land . These people definitely did not think that he was a sardar by mistake .They were in for a pleasant surprise 😀

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A sardar by mistake – 4 :)

As time went by kulpreeth made good friends from all these categories …

Before joining Narayana A/C campus Kulpreeth did not know what he wanted to do in life, but after spending 6 months in the college he was very sure that IIT is NOT the thing for him. All day he would just drown in Physics , chemistry , mathematics, taught by different teachers, the whole concept of him being in this college to crack IIT- JEE began to appear as a big joke to him. He did not dislike the subject or the teachers but somehow he felt out of place doing what he wa made to do in that college. In the process of not liking so many things happening at his college , kulpreeth did like some things very much in his college .

Kulpreeth: ” Hey ! give my book Mishra sir is entering the class.”

Abhinandan: ” Ya Ya , giving wait , how do you manage to write every word that he utters from his mouth during the class? Including all the chemical reactions , your notes has everythign he says .”

Kulpreeth: ” I love his class and the way he explains things , he speaks about reactions and chemicals like they have life , I find it very cool , now give my notes. “

Abhinandan : ” Reactions have life ! Ha Sardar paagal ho gaya hai . Take take .”

The class went on and as usual kulpreeth thoroughly enjoyed this particular chemistry class , this teaher taught them inorganic chemistry and was extremely old and had immense knowledge about his subject. He taught students not to get them into IIT but to educate them about how things work in the chemistry world and why things are how they are , he was around 70 years of age and he taught with so much love , he reminded kulpreeth of his grand father.

Based on the entrance test kulpreeth was put in J1 and started liking the attention he got from teachers and others for being in the first section of the college , but then he also felt so out of place there because majority of the students there were from telugu lands and spoke in telugu and treated him more or less like an outcast ( because inspite of being in the top section he used to be the lowest scorer of this class ) Some how he managed his place in J1 for few more months , then in one of the monthly shuffling kulpreeth was flushed out of the top class and pushed into J2.

One of the tortures bestowed on the students by the college was that they informed about this monthly shuffluing and results of all the exams we wrote to our parents. So going one section down led to lot of lectures and advises from parents, which gave birth to lot of guilt and frustation inside kulpreeth , guilt because he was doing somthing he did not like to do i.e. prepare for IIT and frustation because he did not have the guts to tell this to his parents. But little did he know that going to J2 was the best thing that happened to him in his two years of torture at the Narayana A/C campus …


Lots of love

Kullu 🙂

A Sardar by mistake – 3

Its a continuation of Part 1 and Part 2

Kulpreeth enters his college vicinity and the scene that meets his eye takes him into shock.

Kids of his age carrying heavy bags like his , climbing stairs to the college. Some had fresh looks on their face , others were half asleep, Kulpreeth found out where his class was and got into his classroom . 70 was the strength of his class , he did not know where to sit and occupied the first bench. He was tensed and saw that few others in his class also shared this feeling .

Aditya: ” Hey , my name is Aditya , are you a day scholar ? “

Kulpreeth : ” Yes , my name is kulpreeth. “

Aditya : ” Where do you live ? “

Kulpreeth: ” Next lane , you ? “

Aditya: ” I live very far off from here , It takes one hour when there is no traffic .”

Kulpreeth : ” Then when do you start for college ? 4 am ? “

Adithya: ” Yup around that time , I come in car with my driver, I really want to get into IIT .”

5 mins conversation with Adithya told kulpreeth that he is a geek , its not that he hated geeks or something . His aversion was due to the fact that they worked hard , concentrated in class , got good marks , in short geeks were all   that he was supposed to be ( but was not ). So he preferred to stay away from them , that way he felt less guilty of being lazy and not studying.

In the next week he found out how things worked at this Narayana A/C Campus. There were three sections J1( Rubbing their ass off to get into IIT Types )  , J2 ( want to get into IIT  but also want to have fun in life ) , J3 ( Only have fun in life , if God willing IIT will happen ). Now every week all the students have to undergo two exams , one on saturday and one on monday ( cunning strategy by college to keep students busy on sunday also ), and people are shuffled in J1 , J2 and J3 according to their performance at the end of the month. The whole purpose of everyone’s existence in this college is supposed to be to get into J1 and then stay there till IIT exam actually happens. But he found reality to be little different , there were students who wanted to get into IIT and were successfully in J1 , but yet were not geeky , there were students who had travelled from as far as orissa and other eastern parts of the country to study in this very college, there were students who did not know what they were doing in this college and their whole purpose in life was to only create noise and more noise. As time went by kulpreeth made good friends from all these categories …


More to come in next post

Lots of love

Kullu 🙂

A Sardar By Mistake

A story about how a sardar is brought up in south India , and how the company and freinds we keep influence our lifestyle, its a long story , it comes in parts , read on and comment 🙂

Characters –

Kulpreeth : A boy in 4th standard, born in a sardar family in Hyderabad, he is the only sardar in his whole school, his class is filled with typical everyday temple going, curd rice eating,  telugu speaking, we-abandon-you-if-you-bring-nonveg-in-tiffin type of kids, and at home except for his mom all his dad’s side speaks telugu, so he is made to take telugu as a language instead of Sanskrit in school and is struggling in his class, and is not able to adjust with the contrasting south Indian school life and north Indian home life, he is put in.

Mummy: Kulpreeth’s mother, who originally hails from Maharastra , but is sardar by religion.

Swami sir: Telugu teacher.


Swami Sir : “ Kulpreeth , you have to work hard at your telugu, I understand you are the only non telugu speaking guy in this class, but you have taken this subject and have to put in effort, look at everyone in your class, please learn telugu, its easy if you start talking with your friends”

Kulpreeth: “ But sir their mother tongue is telugu , I don’t even understand what they speak , and when I talk in telugu they all laugh at me sir, how can I learn from them”

Swami Sir: “ Ok , fine from today whenever we meet, we will talk in telugu, with your other friends you can talk in English”

Kulpreeth: “ Ok sir , but you don’t laugh at me please”

During the lunch break

Akshay: “ Kulpreeth what did you bring for lunch”

Kulpreeth:” My mom gave me boiled egg.what did you bring?”

Akshay: “ Chi !,you brought non veg, everyone listen kulpreeth brought non veg , its smelling very bad , lets go somewhere else and sit”

The whole bench on which kulpreeth is sitting packs their tiffin and goes else where to sit, humiliated kulpreeth also packs his tiffin and goes away.

After school at home,

Mummy: “ Beta , khana nahi khaya? Lunch waise ka waisa waapas laye ho.”

Kulpreeth:” why you gave non veg in tiffin? None of my friends are talking to me now because of you”.

Mummy:” why what happend?”

Kulpreeth: “ They say non veg smells bad and they always get veg curry for tiffin, they all got up and went away from me in lunch you know.”

And kulpreeth starts crying.

Mummy: “Ok ok sorry , ill give veg from tomorrow, stop crying beta”.

Next day in school

Kulpreeth: “ Hi Balaji, why you did not come to school yesterday?”

Balaji: “ My mother was in the hospital since past two days, when she was admitted she had a big stomach which kept on growing , but now the big stomach is gone and she tells me that
I have a brother”.

Kulpreeth: “Oh, that happened to my mother also, but it was when I  was in LKG, so I don’t remember anything that well, I also have a brother”.

Balaji: “ Ok ok , sir came , look front.”

The classes went on , thanks to swami sir , kulpreeth’s telugu started improving, he started conversing with his classmates with minimal errors , his writing improved with every class. He reached Class 7, but still non veg food was a problem with his friends, so one day when he was sitting with his friends for lunch, he asked

Kulpreeth: “ whats wrong with non veg food?”

Chaitanya: “ Yuk! Don’t talk about dirty things during meals.”

Kashyap: “ Yaa, Non veg is very dirty, all blood and flesh.”

Balaji: “ Will you people stop talking , I feel like vomiting.”

Kulpreeth: “ But I eat non veg at home and all my family eats non veg , we are all fit and fine , i don’t see anything wrong with non veg.”

Chaitanya: “ If you eat non veg you can’t go to temple, Gods will get angry.”

Kulpreeth: “ Dont talk stupidly, I go to gurudwara on festivals, god  does not say anything to me.”

Kashyap:”  you should come to temple sometimes, its really nice and you get tasty Prasad also”.

Kulpreeth: “ Then you guys take me, I am scared to go alone”.

Balaji: “ No , no first you promise to not eat non veg for one week then next Sunday we will take you to Ganesh temple”.

Kulpreeth:” Ok, one week later then.”

For one week kulpreeth kept his promise and the following Sunday he was taken to a beautiful Ganesh temple near his school, He was completely taken aback by the beauty of the place.

Kashyap: “ Take out your shoes here , and bow down at the door.”

Kulpreeth:” you know in gurudwara also we do the same thing , but we also wash our feet and hands before entering”.

Balaji: “Here also you can wash , there is a tap at the entrance”.

Then Balaji , Kashyap and chaitanya explain to him the various rituals that take place and different things he need to do at different places, kulpreeth is enjoying the temple atmosphere thouroughly, after the visit to the temple he goes back home.

Mummy: “ What is this red mark on your forehead?”

Kulpreeth: “ Mummy my friends took me to temple today, it was so nice you know. I really liked it, the smell , the Prasad, it was almost like out gurudwara but they had statue instead of our holy book, I asked my friends to take me to the temple every Sunday , can I go mummy? ”.

Mummy: “ Ok go , but don’t mix too much with these Brahmin kids, they will make you also Brahmin .”

Days pass by and kulpreeth visits the temple every Sunday, sometimes with friends , sometimes alone, after a few visits , he started noticing that whenever he was in the temple people stared at him and gave him wierd looks, next day he thought of asking his friends about it.

Kulpreeth: “ Why do people simply stare at me in the temple?”

Balaji: “ Because you are not Brahmin, I also never saw a sikh guy going to a temple”

Kulpreeth: “ But the priest uncle always gives me a warm welcoming smile , he is the one who sits closest to your god naa, when he does not have any problem , why do other people stare?”

Balaji: “ If the priest is ok with it , I don’t think there should be any problem, you don’t worry, if you like it keep going , but never ever eat non veg and go to the temple”

Kulpreeth: “ Ok ok , you know I have not eaten non veg since my first visit to the temple , its been almost 0ne and a half year, my parents think ill turn Brahmin in some years… hehe “.

Kashyap: “ Then what do you eat at home when your mom makes non veg? “

Kulpreeth: “ Mummy makes something veg for me , like chole, puri bhaji etc”.

Chaitanya: “ Wow , I like these north Indian dishes a lot, kullu from tomorrow we’ll exchange our tiffins please, you know my mom makes awesome curd rice, I am bored of it, will you exchange please.”

Balaji and Kashyap also show willings for the tiffin exchange, kulpreeth agrees.

Kulpreeth: “ Ok, my mom gives 6 chapati’s and two curry’s in tiffin, so ill give you three two two chapati’s each ans in exchange you three must give me your tiffins, you ppl bring one one dish only so ill take full ok?”


Then started the exchange saga, everyday kulpreeth would get to taste south Indian delicacies , curd rice , rasam, wada , dosa… he was amazed at himself as to why he did not taste these before in life, he got so attached to the south Indian food that he made his mom learn and cook south Indian for him , his mom mixed north Indian masalas in south Indian dishes and it was heaven for kulpreeth. Then he stopped exchanging tiffins with his friends , coz his mom’s south Indian tasted better … but still he continued his habit of visiting the temple and eating vegetarian food… sometimes he used to ponder? Am I a sardar by mistake???


More to come about other aspects that changed in Kulpreeth’s life in the following posts

Lots of Love

Kullu 🙂