There and Back again


Back here again, I think it has become a pattern to come back here once in a while and promise you all that I will be regular with my posts and then again disappear from the blogoshpere.

Well this time I am going to make no promises and break them, lets hope that I get time and awesome content to write and share with you all regularly and in the process keep this blog alive 🙂

A quick update, did an art of living silence program after a long 2 years , and am brimming with enthusiasm and creativity. Keep watching this space for more 🙂


MY first Yes!+ in Hyderabad

So I left Chennai and migrated back home, the only prayer while leaving Chennai was to be more and more useful in making people happy and organise more of the art of living workshops to help the same cause.

Funda to get your wish fulfilled : “Make a wish, stop feeling anxious about will it get fulfilled or not, and work towards it “. This is exactly what happened with me.

I thought NIFT me course to hona chaayie yaar. Was planning how to make things happen there, and God sent this angel of a person Ramya di (recently married and migrated to hyderabad) . She was the driving force who got most of the things in place for the workshop to happen. To cut long things short here is a brief of how things happened and what came out of it . Read on

Ramya di, Riddhi bhabhi, Sneha Sethi, Ankur bhaiya (gave intro talks, followed up on registrations, closed the registrations, more or less coordinated stuff before the course actually began).

The magic that I got to see in this workshop was almost everyone working for the workshop had their own limitations (some in terms of time, some in terms of availability etc etc )

Ramya di : Shouldering responsibility of a home maker since the past 2 months

Riddhi bhabhi : Managing house, 3 year old baby, family etc

Sneha Sethi: Works like hell in Microsoft, was leaving for a business trip to the US when the course was supposed to begin.

Ankur bhaiya: Office timing 3 pm to 2 pm

Kulpreeth: Office timing 6 am to 3 pm.

Mitisha: Class, attendance, Projects etc

Jatin : Final year, looking for a good company to do a project in , classes etc

Sakshi: First year, Submissions, submissions, submissions

Everyone has their limitations but still everyone made time and made themselves available. It was team work, where each member of the team would come and do their part to keep the wheel rolling 🙂

In the end the course began and everyone had done something or the other to make it happen 🙂 End me sab khush.


The participants were a very dedicated lot, did everything sincerely, were very participative , Happiness was in the air from Day 1 of the workshop, really enjoyed these three days, got to meet some exceptionally talented people .

When I was in college, I used to often think, what am I here for on this planet, now when I see the smiling faces of people, who now have a way out of their problems, a place where they can come and let go off the worries, and  most importantly a Guru in their life, my purpose on this planet becomes more and more clear 🙂


Jai Guru Dev



If you don’t mind , It doesn’t matter !!!

” You got out in a HOT sun which makes your skin feel like its just above a gas stove , you stop by a juice center and the juice man gives u 1.5 glass when you ask for 1 ”

“Catch an auto late in the night at 10:30 pm , the drunk auto driver drops you in the middle of a highway and just leaves ”

A flower seller lady who does not understand an ounce of what you speak and neither do you , goes out of her way to help you out all the while talking in her own language 🙂

Few of the memorable moments of my first few weeks in Chennai are written above .My stay here will be close to 2 months in a few days, neither totally rosy-cozy nor fully torturous, my relocation here has been very much up-down-and-away, challenging me at various levels of the body,mind,intellect,ego etc .

In a place like Chennai where sweating is a natural phenomenon and having a beard and long hair doesn’t improve anything, I now appreciate my parents and my comfy home much much more than before.

On the plus side I’ve started earning some money and shamelessly spending it . I dont want to go on and on about various tragic/magic moments of my life here ( there are many in both categories 😀 ) . Some of my learnings I would definitely like to share here in this space :
1. Where ever you go, who ever you are, whatever it is that you do or don’t do . . . One place where you’ll definitely be taken care off is “The Art of Living “. Its a home away from home!
2. Gurudwara food is beyond awesome anywhere on the planet, I’ve had langar in a small town manipal gurudwara, in big posh golden temple, in an unexpected Chennai Gurudwara and never have I been let down in terms of the food served. I have taken a personal vow to find out authentic information about my religion ( look out for those blogposts in near future ) and also learn to speak Punjabi to the best of my ability.
3. Fully & partially attended three yes!+ courses here and learnt loads in the process.
4. I spend more on an auto ride than a dinner in little italy here. STRESS!!!
5. Starting to see how life works around a house, telephone bill, travel expenses, food expenses . I now see even a person travelling on a luna with one wife and kid with respect. It takes so much to take responsibility of our own life, invite a new person to share it (through marriage and not otherwise 😉 ) and then increase the size of responsibility by producing kid(s). This reality never struck me in my heavenly parental abode . It did now!
6. There are things money can’t buy, like joy, contentment etc . Sure shot formula to get these are sadhana, seva, satsang. All these after u have a Guru ( both of which I do have ) . So my basic ground state is happiness with little bit ( actually a lot ) of sunshine and tan . . .

P.S.- If you are thinking as to why did I name the post ” If you don’t mind it does not matter ” watch out for the next post!!!

Breathing and sweating

My Manipal :) Then and now :)

The first Yes!+ course after my TTC happened in manipal 🙂 . It was from the feb 26th to march 3rd . To take a course in the place where I had started my volunteering and organizing was very special for me.Here is a picture of our first course we had in manipal :


And this is the present day picture with new faces :


Moment to moment was an experience … I got to co-teach with Tanu di ( she had also started teaching in manipal 🙂 ). This is the photo of when tanu di was co-teaching her first course with priya di :


She very nicely and gracefully guided me through and stayed with me all the time with a ever confident smile which said ” Dont worry … all will be fine 🙂 ” . I could not have got a better person to start teaching with … She took care of me when I showed signs of nervousness , She guided me when I asked for it . I am at a serious failure of words to express how nicely she  held my hand and walked me through these 6 days of the workshop . I will really cherish these 6 days spent with her 🙂 Here is a picture from the present day :

IMG_0177We got to spend a lot of time with volunteers , made some very awesome friends ( Sneha , Palash , Chacha , Nischay , Tajender, Siddharth , Prachi , Riddhi , Shrey , Harshpreet , Rubal   … we meditated together , ate together , one of the days we went on the beach and it was such a treat to meditate together 🙂 also met Kathrin 🙂 She bakes cakes and desserts in Cafe Vishala in our ashram .. She is from brazil and a lovely person to be around .

Kathrin is in the centre :)

All in all it felt really special to be able to be a facilitator for the Yes!+ course . Last day of the course I had tears seeing bright shining faces who were so grateful for what they have got from Guruji 🙂 Its the best thing in this world 🙂 Any job in the world can’t give you what being a Yes!+ facilitator does . I felt really special … REALLY SPECIAL !

Here are some photos of my first teaching experience 🙂 ( the group photo is not yet there with me … Will put it up soon 🙂 )




There were people who were missed dearly , Priya Di , Tarun , Ashok Ji , Vini and many more 🙂

With lots of love happiness and contentment


Update 3

The confusion and self Doubt continued . Inside I was continously battling . One part of my mind wanted to cry , one part wanted to run away to some place far away where I do not need to worry about anything . Friends and well wishers and parents gave all sorts of suggestions , advises , but the uncomfortable feeling still stayed … I did not know where I was headed and what to do . Day by day the Feeling that ” I need to run away from all this , I don’t want to stay around anyone” was increasing . I was at loss of words to explain what I was going through , hence did not talk to anyone about it . But I knew one person who would understand and give a solution without my explaining much .

Without delay I was on the way to Bangalore to meet My Guru …I did not know what reason to give my parents and friends of going , my parents were undergoing their quota of stress because of my unemployment , there was a course which I was working for … Admist all this I still decided to go and meet Sri Sri .

I went and asked him . Guruji Should I do an IT job ( Something that my parents wanted me to do and I did not ) , or should I do Graphic Designing ( Something that I wanted to do ) or CST ( something that I was very good at but did not think upon it as a profession yet ) .

He told ” Karo Karo IT Job Karo ” . ( Do do an IT Job ) .

I immediately felt light and relaxed. I felt very confident about what Guruji chose for me and my life and was happy about it . The weight lifted and my smile back again .

I had to disobey some very close people to go to ashram and meet Guruji , at the same time my parents now respect Him a lot , for he told what they wanted (i.e. IT Job ) . I had this confidence that even though I dis obey , they will surely understand in time …

I felt very nice about having a living Guru who is so accessible and when in worry or doubt we can just go and talk to him . Only blessed people have a life like mine .

And now you can also ask him what ever you want , he is doing a Google Hangout tomorrow on the 26th of January … The details of which you can get here : 

Lots of love

Still Materialistically un employed but without any doubts /confusion

Kulpreeth .


Update 2

Hi again ,

While I had stopped blogging in between thinking that there is nothing happening my life worth writing , here I sat two days ago writing the first blog post of this year promising that I will keep blogging regularly and today I want to write about how my day went :I

A little prologue :

Yesterday was a very happy day for me , 11th Jan 2009 was the day when I completed the Yes!+ course , was the day I first met My Guru H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in his physical form and had a 2-3 min conversation with him , 11th Jan 2009 was the best day in my life 🙂 . And 11th Jan 2013 was a little different from good . For the first time I went to give my condolences to a friend of mine who lost her mom the day before , I always thought that a house where person is dead and people are crying over the dead body is not a place I would like to be , and this was indeed the reality . I did not like to be there , and did not know what to do to help their remorse .

Then came the happy part where I took my second alpha CST session and some more things became clearer in the mind and the body .

Then at night I wanted to meet a friend of mine ( Vamsi anna ) . So plans were made to meet him and then I ended up in an innova going to a posh restaurant with him and two other friends , eating the world’s chilliest paneer possible and then on the way back I remembered , today is the day 4 years back when i first met my Guru and talked to him . I quietly smiled to myself and was trying to identify myself with the person I was in 2009 . I could not make a connection …

The 12th of JANUARY

I start my day with a CST bringing a smile on 5 people’s face 🙂

Then I reach office and the new boss is already here ( the new boss came in two days ago ) . I go to my workstation and she shouts little bit about time management , Whole day she is every bit rude that she can be and her husband only adds to her glory .

Now in the afternoon they leave for lunch and the front office receptionist comes and tells ” The boss told to inform you that there are new designers he is getting from somewhere , who have more experience , so we have no requirement for you now . You don’t need to come from tuesday ” .

I take some time to take it in. I sms my best friend about it and now the mind starts running.

Why this is happening ? I joined the job only last week and am already kicked out of it . I was liking what I was doing , am I not good enough to continue this ? What will my parents say when they hear this . The old boss knew I had no experience in this field , so why hire me and then fire me ?

It was down right humiliating !!!

My head started to ache and I started to anticipate how I will tell it t my parents … I took few deep breaths and just sat for some time .

Then  started to think of alternatives , of lies I will tell people , of any excuse I would give anyone about my unemployement ( yet again ) . But then I decided to be honest and tell people what happened honestly , as I had actually done nothing to lose the job .

I told myself to stop worrying and crying over it , I thought this is a small thing and it will be over soon , may be something good will come out of it . I will be thankful later that I lost the job. But the uncomfortable feeling was still there . I still remembered Guruji’s words that once you are meditating and are on the path only the best will come to you . So with this faith and belief I started to write this blog post as a way to let out my feelings to someone/something . I told my mom about it and she took it in a good stead …

The Yet again materialistically unemployed,

in confusion and doubt about myself

kullu 🙂

Good night .


Hi everyone 🙂

First of all a very happy new year 🙂

Last year in January this time I was a virtual mess and had no idea where my life was supposed to go or what I was meant to do with it . I blamed it on teenage and just went with the flow doing what my heart said was right . (Advise for youth … don’t apply your heart everywhere . It does help to use brain sometimes ) . As a result I had to go through many not so good things ( heart break , parents heart break, friends heart break, listening to words like Unemployed , marriage etc had become  part and parcel of life) . The sad story ends here !!!

The good part about last year is as follows :

I have been associated with good company and good people ( something inevitable in art of living )

I have learnt something amazing called as Cranio Sacral Therapy which helps me to make people’s life better ( health wise ) and in the process feel very good and get paid too !!!

I have broken the long  frozen ice between myself and my parents which had made me free in more than one aspect and now there is more exchange of love and respect between us …

I have learnt to graphic design and now am an ‘EMPLOYED’ designer in an international company with a very local level pay !

One of the works that I like and want to share here is my business card :

My Business card

My Business card

The most important of all is that on Dec 23rd 2012 , I became a facilitator of the Art of Living foundation . I would not call this as a milestone in my life , it is the most cool thing that anyone can be on this planet at this time. People told me I looked different on the day I became a teacher ( I never understood  what did they see as different ) , here is my picture of that day …



so many things have happened last year and I have come to realize few things :

  1. How much ever you want something to happen ( like your boy/girlfriend saying yes for marriage , or your parents saying yes to buy you a new laptop ) . It will happen only and ONLY when the time comes … So it is a good idea not to get worked up if things are not working the way you want them to work .
  2. Whatever you do , people who have to stay in your life will stay ( how much ever you like them or not ) and people who have to go from your life will go ( how much every you like them or not ).  So allowing people to come into your life ( if they want to ) and giving them the freedom to go away ( if they want to ) , gave me a freedom  . I do not know what terminology to give to it 🙂
  3. Assuming that the rice grains have feelings , while in a pressure cooker , the rice grains shout and groan on being cooked , where as the cook knows that the end result will be a softer and more welcoming rice grain  which can satisfy the hunger of other people . so in case you are going through the down phase of your life know that you are in a pressure cooker and once the flame is down … ALL IS WELL !!!
  4. Never attempt to think that you know more than your guru ( that is if you have one 😉  )

So This much for now 🙂 I leave with a promise to be regularly blogging this year .


Lots of love