Hi everyone 🙂

First of all a very happy new year 🙂

Last year in January this time I was a virtual mess and had no idea where my life was supposed to go or what I was meant to do with it . I blamed it on teenage and just went with the flow doing what my heart said was right . (Advise for youth … don’t apply your heart everywhere . It does help to use brain sometimes ) . As a result I had to go through many not so good things ( heart break , parents heart break, friends heart break, listening to words like Unemployed , marriage etc had become  part and parcel of life) . The sad story ends here !!!

The good part about last year is as follows :

I have been associated with good company and good people ( something inevitable in art of living )

I have learnt something amazing called as Cranio Sacral Therapy which helps me to make people’s life better ( health wise ) and in the process feel very good and get paid too !!!

I have broken the long  frozen ice between myself and my parents which had made me free in more than one aspect and now there is more exchange of love and respect between us …

I have learnt to graphic design and now am an ‘EMPLOYED’ designer in an international company with a very local level pay !

One of the works that I like and want to share here is my business card :

My Business card
My Business card

The most important of all is that on Dec 23rd 2012 , I became a facilitator of the Art of Living foundation . I would not call this as a milestone in my life , it is the most cool thing that anyone can be on this planet at this time. People told me I looked different on the day I became a teacher ( I never understood  what did they see as different ) , here is my picture of that day …



so many things have happened last year and I have come to realize few things :

  1. How much ever you want something to happen ( like your boy/girlfriend saying yes for marriage , or your parents saying yes to buy you a new laptop ) . It will happen only and ONLY when the time comes … So it is a good idea not to get worked up if things are not working the way you want them to work .
  2. Whatever you do , people who have to stay in your life will stay ( how much ever you like them or not ) and people who have to go from your life will go ( how much every you like them or not ).  So allowing people to come into your life ( if they want to ) and giving them the freedom to go away ( if they want to ) , gave me a freedom  . I do not know what terminology to give to it 🙂
  3. Assuming that the rice grains have feelings , while in a pressure cooker , the rice grains shout and groan on being cooked , where as the cook knows that the end result will be a softer and more welcoming rice grain  which can satisfy the hunger of other people . so in case you are going through the down phase of your life know that you are in a pressure cooker and once the flame is down … ALL IS WELL !!!
  4. Never attempt to think that you know more than your guru ( that is if you have one 😉  )

So This much for now 🙂 I leave with a promise to be regularly blogging this year .


Lots of love



Create and Decorate !!!

This is the latest section to be added on my blog , the posts in this section will be about how we can make cute small things and add a different vibe to our surroundings . Something like an arts and crafts section . I will be making these things at home , and the process will be demostrated here on the blog with pictures ( and a few text for the ones who don’t get it ) . This section will have colour , cutting , breaking , sticking , lighting , thunder and a lot more !!! I am so excited about it !! Yay!!! 😀



I will post as an when I complete a certain thing and its durability surpasses at least one week …


Lots of love

Kulpreeth 🙂