Band Baaja baarat and friends

Growing up is a process involving lot of events, starts with when you are excited about your birthday and attending birthday parties is top priority , then comes a phase when you are dating and so are your friends , when you take out time from your busy late night local/std/isd calls and discuss what you like/dislike/love/want to love etc about your life, this phase is followed by a marriage phase and kids phase and a old age friends meeting in the park phase ( I have right now reached only till the dating and wedding phase and hence will reserve my comments about the future once I experience them).

Whatever be the phase of life, to be happy and sane while we are going through them , we do need a guiding force, this guiding force for me has majorly been my Guru ( Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) and my friends. So this blog post is about two of my best friends who share an very special corner in my life and have recently entered a new phase of their life called marriage.

Friend no 1: Sudeshna koka

Sudeshna weds Ashwin

There are friends whom you don’t need to talk to a lot, whom you do not need to see very often to maintain the quality of the friendship, whose mistakes you don’t take to heart, who are also your 2 am friends 🙂 This ideal stage of rosy cozy friendship is reached after a lot of tapsaya and commitment to be each others friend. These few lines more or less sum up how sudeshna and I define friendship 🙂 . I got to know that Sudeshna is getting married during my TTC (when i was undergoing the teacher training  of the art of living for 15 days and was cut out from the world what so ever for that duration ), my first feeling was of unhappiness, she was my first closest of friends and the idea of her migrating to the west (Canada) was disturbing. However being the lovely person I am 😉 I tried to be happy for my best friend and now she has been married for about a year. I see that the distance has actually brought a certain beauty and quality to our friendship. Thanks to whatsapp skype facebook we are in touch, but even otherwise once in a while when we talk , it is 50% information exchange , 30% cribbing about our life and 20% of when will we meet next , all done with a smile and at the end of the 100% conversation we are ready to live our own lives with joy and a smile 🙂

Friend no 2 : Jyothi Bohra



IMG_20141212_125247Jyothi and I have been friends for a considerably short time of 7-8 months, my friendship with jyothi has been made strong just because we were present and available for each other in the tough phases of each other’s lives. There is not much similarity in the way we think /like/dislike things but the way our friendship has been made strong is a mystery to me 🙂 Imagine scolding each other, shouting at each other, having seva-plans-and-setting-goals conversations with each other, confronting each other when things are not in place, giving harshest of feedbacks etc , such has been my semi professional and semi personal relationship with jyothi. All in all at the end of the deal I have a very beautiful and sincere friend , I feel very grateful for her to choose me as a friend to 🙂 Now that I have been trained to handle best friends after weddings  (Trainer : Sudeshna koka :D) I felt 100% happy for Jyothi stepping into this phase of her life . Also got like 0.75 tears in each eye during the wedding ceremony 🙂

Moral of the story : the place you stay may change, the people you live with may change, the attachments in your life to different people/objects/situations may change, but if you have a Guru and a support system of awesomely happy friends life is not so difficult after all 😛 Life is all about being happy and chilling 🙂

happy :)








You are there …

When a child comes to this world, the first word he says is “ MAA“, the mother is obviously happy listening to it, but nobody understands why the  father is equally happy … It is said that when a kid is born, the father’s anxiety is more than the pain experienced by the mother. Since childhood, my father has always given me more than I required, I am utterly  grateful to him for whatever he has done for my growth , even when I failed at something, he was there only to support and motivate, it is said in the ancient texts of India that when your kid becomes a teenager , be friends with him/her , a companion to him , my dad has been just that , a friend 🙂 , although I never communicated well from my side , he was always there no matter what was going on in his life, I feel so proud to be his son , to have him as an inspiration all through my life … The person typing this right now is a product of the immense nurturing and care of his father ( and mother ), I feel so good that I am such a nice person just because I have such a lovely father and mother, there is a small poem I have written for him …

When I was born , small ,tiny ,fragile,

Taking care of me like a delicate flower, you were there.

When I walked my first steps , and stumbled,

Holding me so I would not fall, you were there.

When mom went out of town ,

Cooking for us, you were there.

When I stole money from your pocket,

Ready with a stick, to teach me a lesson , you were there.

When I played my first Tennis match,

In the audience , you were there.

When I lost the Tennis match ,

Motivating me and giving assurance , you were there.

When I did a math problem wrong,

To teach me , you were there .

Even though I did not communicate my problems well,

With guidance and love, you were there.

When ever I wanted to take an important decision in life,

Ready with your advise, you were there.

I feel so blessed to have to be born as your son, even when I am away in hostel , I can feel that YOU ARE ALWAYS THERE to support me and help me become a good person , you have given me so much till now , and on your birthday I can only thank you for being there, you are the best daddy in the world … HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂 .

mom and dad :)

This is the first time I am blogging . This is my first post on the blog . This is the first day of my vacations here in Hyderabad . The first thing that I feel like to write here is about my parents.  One of the most exciting thing I find in going back home from hostel is you get to meet your mom and dad again , they are the people who make you feel special no matter how good/bad you are  . Only God knows how many times I have made mistakes , how many times they have sacrificed their comforts to make me comfortable , how many countless times have they forgiven me ( even when I did not apologise ). They are always so full of unconditional love .

Mom is so full of  enthusiasm to cook for me and sumeeth( my younger sibling ) , she never forgets to feed us even of she has 104 degree temperature . Once I remember I was bed ridden due to chicken pox , I had not eaten properly for a week , one night I felt hungry  , I call out for my mom , at 2 am in the night my mom wakes up and comes to me  when I tell her that I am hungry , she goes into the kitchen , warms milk and gives it to me , while I am sitting on the dining table drinking the milk , she makes a full fresh meal of chapatti ,  rice , dal and tomato chutney and fed me with so much love at 2:30 am . I feel so blessed to have a mom like her .

Dad is kind of strict ( in a loving way ) . He has set rules for both of us( me and sumeeth ) , like going regularly for jogging , doing yoga etc etc… he keeps telling us what and where we need to improve in order to become better individuals….although we seldom follow what he tells us , he still keeps repeating advises ( every time he repeats something ,  his words have this ability to fill me with guilt for not obeying him ). To have him in my life is like having an umbrella above my head , God had just provided me this umbrella who protects me from anything and everything 🙂

Love you mom and dad 🙂