Band Baaja baarat and friends

Growing up is a process involving lot of events, starts with when you are excited about your birthday and attending birthday parties is top priority , then comes a phase when you are dating and so are your friends , when you take out time from your busy late night local/std/isd calls and discuss what you like/dislike/love/want to love etc about your life, this phase is followed by a marriage phase and kids phase and a old age friends meeting in the park phase ( I have right now reached only till the dating and wedding phase and hence will reserve my comments about the future once I experience them).

Whatever be the phase of life, to be happy and sane while we are going through them , we do need a guiding force, this guiding force for me has majorly been my Guru ( Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) and my friends. So this blog post is about two of my best friends who share an very special corner in my life and have recently entered a new phase of their life called marriage.

Friend no 1: Sudeshna koka

Sudeshna weds Ashwin

There are friends whom you don’t need to talk to a lot, whom you do not need to see very often to maintain the quality of the friendship, whose mistakes you don’t take to heart, who are also your 2 am friends 🙂 This ideal stage of rosy cozy friendship is reached after a lot of tapsaya and commitment to be each others friend. These few lines more or less sum up how sudeshna and I define friendship 🙂 . I got to know that Sudeshna is getting married during my TTC (when i was undergoing the teacher training  of the art of living for 15 days and was cut out from the world what so ever for that duration ), my first feeling was of unhappiness, she was my first closest of friends and the idea of her migrating to the west (Canada) was disturbing. However being the lovely person I am 😉 I tried to be happy for my best friend and now she has been married for about a year. I see that the distance has actually brought a certain beauty and quality to our friendship. Thanks to whatsapp skype facebook we are in touch, but even otherwise once in a while when we talk , it is 50% information exchange , 30% cribbing about our life and 20% of when will we meet next , all done with a smile and at the end of the 100% conversation we are ready to live our own lives with joy and a smile 🙂

Friend no 2 : Jyothi Bohra



IMG_20141212_125247Jyothi and I have been friends for a considerably short time of 7-8 months, my friendship with jyothi has been made strong just because we were present and available for each other in the tough phases of each other’s lives. There is not much similarity in the way we think /like/dislike things but the way our friendship has been made strong is a mystery to me 🙂 Imagine scolding each other, shouting at each other, having seva-plans-and-setting-goals conversations with each other, confronting each other when things are not in place, giving harshest of feedbacks etc , such has been my semi professional and semi personal relationship with jyothi. All in all at the end of the deal I have a very beautiful and sincere friend , I feel very grateful for her to choose me as a friend to 🙂 Now that I have been trained to handle best friends after weddings  (Trainer : Sudeshna koka :D) I felt 100% happy for Jyothi stepping into this phase of her life . Also got like 0.75 tears in each eye during the wedding ceremony 🙂

Moral of the story : the place you stay may change, the people you live with may change, the attachments in your life to different people/objects/situations may change, but if you have a Guru and a support system of awesomely happy friends life is not so difficult after all 😛 Life is all about being happy and chilling 🙂

happy :)








Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Yo ! In my past three months in Chennai , whatever movie I wanted to watch I failed to get the tickets for it in the so called “Satyam” which happens to be the best theater here. Luckily I got tickets for Yeh Jawaani hai deewani . Hindi movie , super hot hero and heroine , Karan johar , Best theatre in chennai , two cool friends , popcorn ! What else to ask for !

Here is the review :

1. The movie is a fullfleged shameless advertisement for alcohol … Whatever te actors in the movie are doing , the are also drinking . ( put off !!! )

2. Very cool and pleasant romantic scenes between ranbir and deepika . The chemistry was awesome , and the feel aa gaya bhai !!!

3. Songs are good !!! beaty punjabi numbers ! Cool holi songs , Full on musical sad songs and emotional songs !!!

4. Very cool story , reminded me of my school friends and how we have grown out of school and sadly GROWN up now …

All in all a good movie , can watch twice . Not more than that !!!


Kullu 🙂

My Manipal :) Then and now :)

The first Yes!+ course after my TTC happened in manipal 🙂 . It was from the feb 26th to march 3rd . To take a course in the place where I had started my volunteering and organizing was very special for me.Here is a picture of our first course we had in manipal :


And this is the present day picture with new faces :


Moment to moment was an experience … I got to co-teach with Tanu di ( she had also started teaching in manipal 🙂 ). This is the photo of when tanu di was co-teaching her first course with priya di :


She very nicely and gracefully guided me through and stayed with me all the time with a ever confident smile which said ” Dont worry … all will be fine 🙂 ” . I could not have got a better person to start teaching with … She took care of me when I showed signs of nervousness , She guided me when I asked for it . I am at a serious failure of words to express how nicely she  held my hand and walked me through these 6 days of the workshop . I will really cherish these 6 days spent with her 🙂 Here is a picture from the present day :

IMG_0177We got to spend a lot of time with volunteers , made some very awesome friends ( Sneha , Palash , Chacha , Nischay , Tajender, Siddharth , Prachi , Riddhi , Shrey , Harshpreet , Rubal   … we meditated together , ate together , one of the days we went on the beach and it was such a treat to meditate together 🙂 also met Kathrin 🙂 She bakes cakes and desserts in Cafe Vishala in our ashram .. She is from brazil and a lovely person to be around .

Kathrin is in the centre :)

All in all it felt really special to be able to be a facilitator for the Yes!+ course . Last day of the course I had tears seeing bright shining faces who were so grateful for what they have got from Guruji 🙂 Its the best thing in this world 🙂 Any job in the world can’t give you what being a Yes!+ facilitator does . I felt really special … REALLY SPECIAL !

Here are some photos of my first teaching experience 🙂 ( the group photo is not yet there with me … Will put it up soon 🙂 )




There were people who were missed dearly , Priya Di , Tarun , Ashok Ji , Vini and many more 🙂

With lots of love happiness and contentment


Words , meaning , laughter !!!

The Yes!+ course in Vidya Nagar started yesterday.We started to work for this course from December 22nd 2011 .This course was scheduled to begin on 17th January, 2012 and due to various reasons it got postponed and finally started yesterday. There are 14 people on the workshop and a lot of things came up in me while I was working for the course. Its funny how things just go out of hand when you start arranging all the pieces of the jigsaw to make a beautiful picture.

At the end of everyday I sat on the bed and introspected, what did I do during the day, how did I make myself useful to others , have I done anything wrong during the day , how can I make myself better etc etc. Believe me it is not an easy task !!! There have been times when I was not aware of what I am talking , I also refused to listen to people and made them angry , I deliberately hurt them in many ways to let out my frustration , to put in a nutshell it was a roller coaster ride 😉 . Introspection was the most difficult part of all. Finding something to criticize in others is a cakewalk for me ( hehe ), but finding something to criticize in my own actions was not a child’s play ( it was an undertaker play !!! ) . This introspection brought in such frustration in me , but frustration only lasted till I accepted it and did something about it. Till I accepted it,I was a volcano who would rarely explode on others but mostly I burned in my own lava of anger , dissappointment , pain . You’ll not believe , one morning I got up and went into my balcony and wrapped my face in my towel ( so others don’t hear me crying 😀 ) and just cried and cried to let out all that was there inside. Still I went through all of it ( *applauze* ) with a faith that may be at the end of it something good will happen to me or at least to someone else .

Then towards the end ( i.e. two three days before the course ) I started to observe a sense of peace and calm in me. Things were not happening on the outside but the effect that had on me from inside was improving drastically. People who tried to push my buttons lost miserably, I was just not responding to them like before. I kept a serious face in front of them but inside I was smiling ( yay !!! this is not shaking me as much as it did before I thought !!! ) . Slowly and gradually the volcano in me was becoming a fountain of joy ( What a line this is !!! I just came up with it … clap please !!! ) . Once I realized this I had so much fun doing everything . It was amazing. The fun inside manifested around me also. Yesterday after the course I had a laughter filled dinner with three yes!+ teachers two devas and one devi . We called random friends and told them deep knowledge on the phone as a result of which we were eating less and laughing more. Truly it is said that laughter is the best medicine 😀 . Looking back at all the volcanic activity in my mind I just laughed it out over food last night !!! and it felt really really good. Any amount of money cannot give this kind of feeling 🙂 Its just a beautiful beautiful world is all I want to say and end this post !!!


P.S –  If you are wondering why randomly the photos of three people find their place in this blogpost , then FYI they are the two devas and the devi I was talking about in the post.

Lots of love

Kulpreeth. 🙂

Textbook to line … part 2

The sense of time was out of my understanding , 2 days of travel and we already felt like we’ve travelled much longer than we actually did. When we reached Rishikesh , the POA was to stay there for 4 days and to&fro haridwar whenever necessary …


1. The Ganga dip – The first doopki washes away anything good/bad you have in your mind/body. Its a mountain dew task !

2. Shiv ji meditates on the ganga ! to have  the strength ( the triceps )  and stability ( the stillness in the face ) is my new aim in life 😉

3. Ganga maiya show different things at different times of the day , morning – ferocious and wild , afternoon – cool and steady , evening- ferocious but cool . Every morning and evening we got to see a blanket of mist on the water ( can you spot it in the picture below ? ) . The moving water and the stationary mist on it ! WOW .

4. Sit beside the ganga and look at the flowing water ( your experience might be different , here is mine ), after some time I saw my thoughts flowing like the water through my mind and later thoughtlessness was experienced – THERE ARE TRULY SOMETHINGS THAT MONEY CAN’T BUY!

5. Stomach God was made to digest salads , pasta , pancakes , olive oil . Also i was educated about what is the meaning of bunjy jumping , Uma bharti and few other things the majority population will consider as trivial information ( it was not so trivial for me ). I also got pronounciation lessons . Courtesy priya didi 🙂 who skillfully overlooked my dumbness and help me see the bigger prespective of life 🙂


1. Mansa devi temple – Involves a cable car ride , a ROADIES TASK to go up and come back !

2. Hoshyarpuri hotel – Stomach God wanted to part ways with my body and just stay there. My taste buds had a full on long kriya experience !

3. Aghori baba – Saw one of them. Ill speak no more about them! ( Its not good for health to talk about them.)

4. Backache was cured by Om Namah shivaya massage ( courtesy Priya di ) . It was not even a massage , ask her what it was. she exists on


Benaras Hindu University – Green , silent , huge . Worth a visit.

Rajesh Jagasia – Curly hair , twinkling eyes , chirpy laughter , lively presence .

aarwantand – A village which lives without electricity , fertile land , pukka homes , but with a guru in their heart.

Vishwanath temple aarti – If attended when you are in a deep meditative state , you will break into a happy taandav.

Vishalakshi temple – First devi idol I saw which had closed eyes ,one devi ( read priya di ) singing for the other, it was beautiful to be there !



Taj mahal – Beautiful , but cannot visit when sun God is prominent in the sky.

Ankit  & family – Gods in pampering , I really cannot write in words the way I was pampered.

Fatehpur Sikri – Similar to Agra fort , but there is a dargah here where wishes come true if you tie a thread to the wall it seems 😉

This was what I saw on the outside during my trip. I was made to see a lot of things in the inside by my mentor priyamani , The blog post about which will arrive in a few days 🙂 To conclude ill just say that ” The fun side is the inside ” look out for the next post ! JGD 🙂

Lots of love

Kullu 🙂

Acknowledgements :) ? :(

Most of my friends are writing emo notes due to the fact that they leaving manipal . Since i am no different, i also would like to add to my part of the emo-ness . Since i might not have a laptop in the next few days and i want to pen this down when i am in manipal only , so i am writing it a little early . Every sentence written down is very authentic, some might also sound offensive or wierd , any judgements made is at your own risk please 😉 . The post might be very long , you can simply browse the text for your name ( or the person you want to read about ) and read that part , i wont take offence 😛 .

1. sushant – My first roomy , i will miss your sweets that you so kindly brought even when i was no longer your roomy . all the best for where ever you go. You have a very clean heart 🙂

 2. seshadri – My first friend in manipal , all the best for whatever you do in life.

 3.mahesh – My second friend in manipal , i cherish all the four years i have spent with you mahesh , how ever irritating i have been you tolerated me for the maximum time in manipal . i will miss you definetely 😦

4.kaushik – Thank you for everything , for the first year corridor madness , for the pre exam songs , for the mindless chatter 🙂 for all the “May the force be with you ” msgs

 5.rajdeep– Reason no 1 that i spent my first year devoid of homesickness , thanks for all the laughter and non sense jokes , our hyderabadi hindi conevrsations always made me feel at home .

6.roopesh – Reason no 2 that i spent my first year devoid of homesickness , all the mindless jokes on JC , all the telugu talking around non-telugu ppl , will be missed 😀

7.meghana – the first friend here from the opposite sex, thank you for entering my life , you were truly a blessing 🙂

8.sunny – My best friend in class , thank you for answering all my silly , stupid doubts in class , also i am utterly grateful that you always helped when i lamented through classes, please do stay in touch.

9.sanjeev – Thank you , you always gave me faith that i will pass engineering ( although you did not show me anyanswers in exams 😛 )

10. uday sir – The person who i started voluntering with , he is a teacher now and I thank him from the deepest corner of my heart.

11.vini – There is nothing hidden from you , you saw the goodness in me , you wished good for me , it means a lot 🙂

12.rajshree akka – Goddess , she is there only to bless and feed.

 13.gireeshma– when i did my course and came , it was only because you were there in manipal that i kept coming to aol in the beginnign , otherwise i would have not continued on the path. Thanks 🙂

14. nivedita – My cudie friend who always made me feel special here in manipal 🙂

15.harsha – You have taught me what it is to love 🙂

 16.sudeshna– your presence has added colour and flavour in my life 🙂

17. rohit– you are the reason i have immense faith in a higher power. Although you dont tell so i know you care, i wil miss you so much 😦

18.ashok ji – My Guruji for all intents and purpose

19.abhinav – The trust you showed in me swept me off my feet many times , you helped me discover the place of good vibrations , i will miss you and that place 😦

20. pankhuri– Your innocence is something i will take with me where ever i go.

 21.ankit – The one guy who has given me unconditional love ( manifestation no 2 of guruji in my life ) , tears coming when i think that from now on i will not get to see your twinkling eyes scanning me :'(. 80% of pain of leaving this place is all your contribution.

22. gourav – The one person I have loved unconditionally, I dont know why i love you so much , i just dont know .

23.abhigna– The telugu girl who cared for me when i was in trouble 🙂

 24. nikhil– the trust you have shown , the things that you shared , left something in me that cannot be erased.

25.sandeep– My first aol roomy , thank you for all the group sadhana and chanting in the room .

26. kartik arora– When you call me bhiya , i smile , behind all this huge fortification of your lies a very tender something which exutes only love, i saw you when you were sobbing like a baby , i saw you when you were at the peak of your glory, all the while you have taught me so many things.

 27.sumit – family away from home 🙂

28.priya di– You are what i want to be like ( or better ) thank you for coming to manipal and in my life.

 29.tanu di -You have chisseled all the un-necessary parts from my existence and made me look more beautiful in the world.

 29.sirisha– The simplicity in your existence i will never forget

30.sahil– Your eyes have authenticity , may be someday i will also get it 🙂

 31.aseem– You allowed me to bond with you , thank you for that

32.kabir– Good human being *I take a bow*

33.hemant– You made me feel special , i know you are special 🙂 all the best.

34. nishtha- you added more smiles to my face 🙂 thanks

35.sundarajan– The first gift of my Yes!+ life came from you .

36.sabhya– Innocent smile , rough face , clean heart 🙂

37. faraaz– I dont know what to tell you faraaz , you have put up with most of my madness and still survived , thanks a million tons ,many people do somthing to be called good human beings but you are a very good human being even if you feel you dont do anything interesting in life, you have a very pleasant presence 🙂

 38.zeeshan– Thank you for coming into my life 🙂

 39 shubam– You taught me that brains is all that matters , education wil come automatically , you’ll make it big 😀

40. pramit– Thiest or athiest , veg or non-veg , aol or non-aol , more than this it is very very important to be a good human being , i have seen you even before you came to yes!+ , this i can say with full guarantee that you are surely a very good human being 🙂

41.sharika– My child friend no1 , all the silly laughter , mindless jokes will be missed

42.sri vidya – Vini vijayan part 2 , you are just like vini , i love you so much 🙂

43. daya anna and his wife – I did not get love from grand parents , i used to long for that type of love , these two people have fullfilled that wish , thank you so much 🙂

44.suman bhaiya – For everything you did when you came here for two days 🙂

 45. chandana– You showed me how it is to be established in faith and grace , i will never forget you 🙂

46.karthiek – Cuteness personified , please dont think you are something less in the world , all the best 🙂

 47.rimi– For all the useless fight and argument , you showed me that all is a play and display of the same life force

48.thashika– If i would have been born as a female , it would be called Thashika thangamma

49. sriharsh– For showing me how to work and excell in life

 50.Manipal – To have brought all the above people in my life :).


I want all of you to promise me that you’ll be there in my life till i am here on this planet and also if we are born somewhere else in a parallel universe 🙂

– Kullu 😥

Feb 12 :)

Birthday is a special day in everyone’s life. While most of us spend this day feeling utterly special about our existence on the planet and enjoying the attention we get from the whole world (not to mention the expensive clothes, party and cake! ), some of us don’t. I belonged to that “ some of us don’ t “ category  for a very long time, the last time I cut a cake was when I was in class 4 ( I hope you understand what a very long time means ? 😀 ), although every year on my birthday I always felt very special to be born 😀 , the celebration part was sadly absent. One of the major reasons for the absence of celebration was EXAMS! ( Every year they came on my birthday . Every single year for the whole of my life since I joined school ). Exams continued to visit exactly on my birthday even in PUC and Engineering(my hope to celebrate and cut a cake on my birthday rested in some unknown forgotten corner of my life where I thought I  would never find it again). In the art of living super lucky souls who have their birthday or anniversary on the day when His Holiness is physically present in the ashram get garlanded by Him and He also cuts their cake (so much attention from the guru just because its your birthday!). Intensely I prayed, when I saw these super excited people going to Guruji for the garlanding, that one day I will also celebrate my birthday with Him.

priya di on her birthday with Him
priya di on her birthday with Him
dinesh bhaiya

Then happened my 21st birthday and the prayer got answered.

I had decided to stay in Manipal for my final semester project and for the first time in ages there was no exam on my birthday (in the final semester in Manipal you have no exam at all). Since I had never celebrated my birthday, no ideas about a party came. The 12th of February dawned. Yay! I was born today, I thought while brushing my teeth and smiled at myself. There is a saying  “ an empty mind is a devil’s workshop” , but given the fact that my mind has always been empty since birth 😀 and I don’t resemble a devil in any way at all, I would say “  my empty mind is an angel’s workshop”.  Now this empty mind of mine told me to spend my day amidst beauty, peace, serenity. Before I knew it I was on my way to the kollur temple. On the way I was pondering on what to ask the goddess on my birthday? Mr. Empty mind replied “Ask something for others today.” Sms was sent to all my near and dear ones asking them for what their wish was. The wishes came, from “ I want to get a 9 point Gpa  “ to “I want to have kollur devi as my daughter” , my pals sincerely sent what they wished for. Just reading their sms I felt a kind of fullness from within, I was content that very moment. I reached the temple, stood in front of the devi , took out the mobile phone and read out what all they had sent aloud . Then I was hushed out of the temple by the priest. After coming out I realized that I had not asked anything for myself. Standing out I prayed for my family . As a birthday treat I got to eat tasty temple food. It was hot, it was delicious, it was on a banana leaf! I could ask for nothing more. With my stomach and heart full I reached manipal by 2 pm. Luckily my birthday came on a Saturday this year and we had a follow up that day. I sent sms again to all Yes!+ people to please come for the follow up and then may be we will go to a place of their choice to eat food( to few of them I myself announced that it was my birthday:D ). Well there was a glitch in the plan. I had invited about 100 people for the party. I had no idea if manipal had a place that could seat and provide food for 100 people on such short notice, also transporting 100 people to a hotel from the follow up centre would involve some co-ordination and havoc . Rohit came to my rescue and I told him I that I have called 100 people about 70 might turn up , but I don’t know how I will feed them or where to take them after the follow up to eat. After some talking I sat quietly thinking , then Mr. Empty mind of mine told me “ If you cannot take people to the food , bring the food to the people” .. laughing about how simple the solution was , I told “ Rohit everyone likes pizzas , lets have a pizza party in the same hall that we have the follow up , nobody needs to go anywhere”. We talked to the dominoz guy , he told to place the order one hour before we wanted the delivery. So the plan was we place the order before starting the long kriya and by the time it ends hot pizzas will be available for consumption 😀 . Happiness dawned in me thinking that everyone who comes will be so happy to see pizza just after long kriya ( hunger is at its peak after long kriya). I reached the hall , before kriya we had an electrifying satsang, everyone was looking extremely happy ( like it was their birthday 😀 ). After the long kriya , I took the mike and sang a melodious song for myself and Guruji ( just one line of the song went out of tune ). The effect was mesmerizing . Then Anish and Gourav sang songs for me ( they sang “ tere jaisa yaar kahan , kahan aisa yaarana “ and “ tum mile “ ), tears came at the amount of love that I was bombarded with ( but I did not want to cry 😀 ). As if this was not enough a big cake manifested itself , then the pizzas came .Everyone ate sang celebrated and danced for a long time after that.

the pizzas

One person was kind enough to record the most special day of my life. Here is one of  the videos of the madness that happened later :

After looking back at how my day went I thought this is how is must feel to get garlanded by Guruji and when he cuts your cake. Even though I did not meet him and he did not cut my cake , he surely made his presence felt , through all my friends who came to the party that day. At the end of the day I thanked my parents for supplying the money that made everything possible. May god bless them with good amount of money that they so unconditionally shower on me.

I can die right this moment without any regret 😀

Lots of love


Ingredients of life – Part 5 :)

Fairy God mother of wonderland wanted to make a doll, she wanted this doll to have magical powers , this doll would not be whiney , this doll would be strong , confident and charismatic and many more things. Hence was born my very dear Nishtha Manocha. The most beautiful ingredient of my life. The love that she exutes is very hazardous, just like magic you get pulled towards her. The first time I noticed this girl I was supremely agitated and irritated ( We almost missed a bus in the most filmy style possible and in between all the commotion all she wanted to so was take photographs ), then in the due course of time I got to know her more. After this ingredient entered my life I realised how vast can someone’s existence be ( she hides it all behind those two cute eyes of hers with a smile which will make you go weak in your knees ) . This one girl is one of the main pillars of the DISHA foundation , a foundation that does immense good work , by visiting nearby orphanages and connecting with the kids and teaching and learning from them. This cutie fairy of mine with her other club members organised a disha carnival and raised Rs 35,000 for the orphanage and also had a sponsorship drive of more than Rs 1,00,000 ( Cool no ? applause ). Almost every sunday when rest of the manipal is either sleeping or is reeling in a  hangover Ms. Nishtha Manocha is off to an orphanage where she mothers the kids and brings a smile on their face, teaches them how to read and write and plays games with them. Her eyes twinkle when she recalls stories about how “her” kids back in the orphanage did cute things for her and how happy they were when she was around. Actually most of the people are generally happy when Nishtha is around ( the other set of people who are not so happy also have their reasons , some of which will be told here ,but later ). This doll is someone who people look up to, for various reasons. Some of them being :

1. She is extremely beautiful ( courtesy her good karma and her weekly appointments with the beauty parlour ).

2. She has topped her class in almost every semester ( means little brain also she has , which she uses very often ) , my only girl-friend who is a 9.6 ( yay! I am so proud ).

3. Extremely proficient in organising and managing things ( including complex species like boys ).

These are just the tip of the ice berg, rest shall be unleashed to you when you actually meet her ( if you have the good karma for that to happen ). So much goodness on the earth has comes with little flaws,yes my doll nishtha also has a few, some of them being : She likes ( or rather is used to) getting attention from people ( depending on who is around ). Sometimes very dominant she becomes and she almost always places the order for food without asking people ( she does ask people, but after placing the order ). The other flaws are totally not her mistake, one of them being that she is the main reason for raised heart beats of many boys, she almost enjoys a movie actress status in manipal, where she has A boy friend , many brothers , many crushes , and many more friends. All in all a good doll who is a blessing to all the people she is connected to ( directly or indirectly ) . She gourav and angi have been my virtual family here and I am so thankful for nishtha to have entered this dangerous vicinity ( my life ! :D) .

mommy and daddy



Lots of love

Kullu 🙂


Wisdom&Creativity – Part 3 ! ! !

The two questions about the devi and the food were ruling my consciousness, then I decided that something needs to be done about it, I chose food over the devi ( for obvious reasons ) and asked a security guard where the food will be served. He was standing at the gates of another temple with a gold painted entrance ( the paint was looking quite new so I took it to be  just a side temple and not the main one ). Then the guard asked me if I have gone inside the temple. I asked which god’s temple it is . He said Saraswati temple. Eureka! I was so happy to find the devi and felt bad to have overlooked this temple before. We entered the temple. Immense gratitude came  to have finally seen a legendary saraswati temple. Like how the saying goes ” love is in the air” ,  about the inside of the temple I would say knowledge and creativity are in the air. I saw there were around 50 young girls sitting near the devi , I could not go near to the devi and so prayed from far , when I was doing the pradakshina , those 50 girls broke into a melodious song for the devi. In one voice they sang a song in an unknown tongue, their voice magically magnified because of the closed space in which they were singing , listening to it I was filled with joy, such devotion to the art and the goddess of the art  I had not seen before , the song ended very fast , they sang only one paragraph. After some time the priest did pooja and was giving something to the girls. Intution told me that it was some kind of a initiation ceremony, after little analysis and inferences I took it for a fact that before you start anything in the field of wisdom and creativity it is a good idea to start it in front of Ms. Saraswati. The girls had so much excitement in their eyes as they finished the song ,with full joy and faith they took the prasad and chirpped away out of the temple . I told faraaz to sit and meditate for some time while I complete my pradakshinas. Kindness and humility personified as he is , he oboliged and I started my rounds with the chantings of Om Namah Shivaya around the diety. As I took the rounds I saw that the temple was filled with small kids, their shouts and cries sounded like the temple bells, also there were a lot of pegions and sparrows around the ceiling making cute noises . People brought slate and chalk and gave it to the priest who after offering it to the devi, made the kids write their first letters on the slate, some more people came and sang in front of the devi. Paintings of different floral patterns adorned almost whole of the temple floor. Walking around the temple felt like walking into a very happy dream where everything is colourfull, every minute detail of the surrounding is filled with joy. My pradakshinas ended and then I sat beside faraaz to meditate. The moment I closed my eyes, meditation happened( Very rare phenomenon when I am the subject of discussion ) . 7 to 10 minutes of stillness inside and outside broughtso much contentment, when I opened my eyes I also wanted to sing for the devi. ” Kehne ko jash-e-bahaara hai , ishq yeh dekh ke hairaan hai, phool se khusboo khafa khafa hai gulshan me, chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilman me … ” This beaudy favourite song of mine was what I sang for the devi( so what if its not a devotional song , its all about singing with devotion ) and then I prayed that let my voice sound melodious to all types of ears and requested Saraswati devi to come and reside in which ever part of my body she feel fit enough to reside ( like how they say saraswati resides in lata mageshkar’s throat, so she can as well come and reside in some part in my body). Then we got to attend the aarti ( my favourite part of any temple visit ), this is when I got to see the idol closely , the idol was shining with jewels and gold adorning every inch of its existence. The best part I felt was a diamond nose ring which was shining the most, I promised myself that when I find the woman of my life I will decorate her just like this idol. Then after that we sat in the temple for some more time.Photography in temple was strictly prohibited and I obliged with this rule as I felt  nothing in the temple could be captured with any type of gadgets. The air in the temple was cold contrasting to the heat outside the temple,  then we headed to the food hall. Food is one of the main attractions that any temple holds for me, past experiences in various temples had made my expectations very high when it came to tasting temple food. With great excitement I went to the dining hall which was huge.

When I had the meal there were around 400 people siting in the hall and the hall was still occupied to less than half  of its full capacity.They started serving the food and there was only word came to my mind when I ate it ” DISASTER”  . The sweet dish was served first and the rice poured over the sweet dish rendering everything else that we ate a sweet taste, hence spoiling the taste of the rest of the items. All in all it was a very bad experience and somehow I filled myself up and went to the wash area and while coming out of the wash area god sent two elephants to lift my spirits.These two elephants were being fed , and the cutest moment I felt was when they both took water in their respective trunks and fed each other the water. Then it was time for them to have bath. They were having fun going roung and round and wetting all parts of their body in the process, watching them made me forget the food tragedy.

After lunch we again went and sat in the saraswati temple for some more time. Sleep was slowly coming telling us that we ought to get into a bus back to manipal . Promising myself that I will visit this temple at least once again, I left the temple vicinity with a smile. We got into the bus which brought us miraculously fastly to manipal ( or maybe I did not realise the time because I was mainly asleep through out the journey). Thus ended my day and I fell on bed totally content to have visited the shringeri temple with a faith that I will surely visit it again 🙂

Mr.Dinesh Ghodke had once said the following lines :

communication from head to head is through words,

communication from heart to heart is through music,

communication from soul to soul is in silence.

The visit to shringeri temple made me experience each of these lines to a certain degree.
Lots of love
Kullu 🙂

Wisdom & Creativity Part-1

Since my school days I had herd of this very famous Saraswati temple in Basar ( it is close to Andhra Pradesh-Maharastra border ). Every year the 10th class students of my school were taken on a school trip to this place to pray for good results. But somehow when my 10th class approached I did not go to this place before I began my 10th ( the trip was during the summer vacations and at that point of time mangoes and an air conditioned bedroom with TV were my priority 🙂 ). My friends who went there told that I should have come and it’s a very rare thing to visit a legendary Saraswati temple as very few of them exist on the globe. That day I thought that someday I will surely visit a legendary Saraswati temple and have been finding ways to go to Basar since then but somehow things did not work out.

5 years later…

Last week I did visit a legendary Saraswati temple . Shringeri temple it is called and this post is about this piece of land which simply refuses to belong to the planet earth, people in heaven wanted to show the earthlings how it feels like to be in heaven, hence manifested the Shringeri temple ( also many other names like Kollur temple , Art of living International centre Bangalore , Golden temple Amritsar fall in this category ).

It was Holi and our college gave a Holiday( miracles do happen 😀  ), Faraaz and myself refused to be coloured this holi. I told him I am going to this place called shringeri. Faraaz said he too wants to come. We both started our journey towards the goddess of wisdom and creativity early in the morning from our dear and unavoidable Tiger Circle. The bus ride was adventurous. We climed up a mountain towards Agumbe . I gasped as the bus took some sharp “ Mountain-dew” turns ( those turns made me realise ki darr ke aage jeet hai! 😀 ). Mr.mountain ( still sleeping) snored cold air in the bus and for few moments we shivered before we closed the window. The green colour all around was welcoming and fresh. The bus journey got over before we realized and shringeri bus stop welcomed us. The temple was a short walk from the bus stop.

We entered the vicinity of the temple and it was not what I expected. It was fully made of stone and not an ounce of greenery around the temple and half the temple was getting renovated. I consoled myself saying , it was summer season and I should not expect so much greenery ( but some part of my head was screaming, Where the hell is heaven ? where the hell is beauty ? ) I walked little more inside and then I got slapped on my face.

Will continue in the next post …