Ingredients of life part 9

I have chocked a lot while writing this post, so pardon any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in the text that follows.

“Ramya Srinivasan is coming to hyderabad, please meet her and work with her”, I got a call from my mentor priyamani, I had just started working in Hyderabad after shifiting from Chennai and heard that this very good teacher is coming from Delhi to hyderabad because she got married.

” Just meet her kull, she will really like you” , my mentor said. Out of curiosity I did some fb research and it was full of group photos of people meditating and teaching courses etc.


I thought ok must be a good teacher. Got her number and called her, there was no answer from the other side (this tradition continues till date). Somehow we coordinated how we will meet and the first time we met was for going to meet Guruji in Hyderabad.

I was told the location of her place and went to pick her up (this tradition also continues till date for all aol occassions).

Her husband was standing in the balcony and gave me a friendly smile, as usual when we meet a stranger usual formalities and pleasantary greetings were exchanged. From hanji batayie to abe chal, we have come a long way in these 2.5 years.

One thing I really appreciate in her is how sensitive she is, once it so happened that we were going through one of our umpteen travel journeys, she suddenly asked me ” Everything is fine na kullu with you?” It was out of genuine concern, and I was indeed going through some stuff in my life at that time. This I have seen a lot of times that she is just there to listen to you, a quality I deeply respect.


The faith she has is very inspiring. On another such occassion I just got momentarily scared about something bad that was going to happen, even she did not know excatly what would happen to me, but she firmly said, dont worry kullu, nothing bad will happen to you, and this statement shook me a little, about how firm one’s faith should be.


Coming to the masala stuff, she is very much into material things, loves them , enjoys them. Most of the very intense conversations we have had were around how people look, what they wear, who is dating whom ( in the real world and also reel world i.e bollywood). All these conversations happen with such humour that we dont realise where time has passed. We have both had tears of laughter while these conversations!!!


On the other hand, we also have had lot of meaningful conversations about life, where it is going, what are our goals in the organisation, what are our hurdles in life etc etc etc, all this talking used to happen during our numerous car journeys only and never I have felt like I am talking to a stranger or someone who is not family, ramya di will make u feel at home 🙂 Always.


One thing common with me and didi is the connection with the Guru, been with her almost on 80% of the courses she has taught here in hyderabad, and the connection we share with the Guru to spread his work is what I feel binds us together in this bond. One such special moment was when we were teaching a course in a college, as usual the course was awesome but when the principal came and asked the students how the workshop was, the kids shared things which left both ramya and me in tears, it will be my most cherished memory with didi and also otherwise in life 🙂




We have had times when we there were high level of anxieties, we have had times when there was so much joy, we have had times when I had lost a close one, we have had times when we had to skilfully manage life. All in all it was a ride full of laughter, fun, joy, few tears, and may be one or two fights. I was told that she is a very senior and good teacher but she turned out to be family. Here is a pic of one of our adventure together.


So you people must be thinking why am I writing all these good things now, well like all good things become better, didi also is going to another phase of her life starting her life again in a new place somewhere up north. It almost feels like a sister is going away after marriage, where you are also happy for her new life but emotional for the good times that happened 🙂 All the best didi. Lots of love to you. Thank you for coming to hyderabad 🙂


Lots of love

Gullu *Happy Tear*



Ingredients of life part 8

So some new additions in this section, here is the first one.

Two and a half years ago Ramya came to hyderabad (she deserves a full fleged post which will manifest here when the time is right),  Ramya, Jayant Nasa and me we were a team and had a lot of fun, learning and masti together. During this time around , navaratri happened and like every year we took a huge group of our students to the ashram, for those who do not know navaratri is like a huge gathering of the art of living fraternity. Everyone from everywhere makes sure that they are in the ashram during this pious time. So all of us teachers volunteers come here during these five days, chill and meet each other catch up on what is happening/not happening in each others lives.


That particular navaratri I got to know this huge group of young and chirpy people from Delhi.

We played some games, did some masti and after navaratri we went back to our regular routine.

As usual when we meet a new set of people, we remember some , we dont remember some, some people remember us, and some people dont remember us. Out of this happy picture above few stayed in my mind, fewer stayed in touch.

One of these few who bothered to stay in touch was Rahul Chauhan and he is the reason for this post to happen.

So we spoke once in a while, as an acquaitance I did reply and that was it from my side. I only remembered him when I wanted to get some doubt cleared regarding my chanting, otherwise for me he was just another student of my co-teacher, who I heard was a very dedicated and sincere person.

After that I happened to visit Delhi for a wedding and there I met him properly. Even though I did not know him so well, the vibe was so effortless around him. After that we next met for the world cultural festival. There I became good friends with him. After that it has been a great experience knowing and being his friend.

Rahul Chauhan has come qualities that I find very inspiring and warm:

  1. First thing you will notice about him is his smile reaches his eyes, which is very infectious (may be a result of his super disciplined chanting and meditation schedule he follows)
  2. Loves people and expresses it also, even if he doesn’t get the same level of love back. Will send you surprise gifts without name or address on it, without checking if we got it or not.
  3. Is very clear and innocent in his intentions, as far as I have seen does not want to hurt anyone, does not wish bad for anyone.
  4. Is a very good company to keep around, does not talk bad about anyone, always has good things to share and brings you back on track in case you go off track. Tip: Always keep such people around you, who are well spoken in terms of the things they talk, because the company you keep affects your state of mind.
  5. Has a very warm heart which will melt you, this heart is warm, this heart is strong 🙂

I am very glad to call Rahul a good&close&best friend today. Definitely a value addition to my life, he has taught me that giving matters more than receiving, giving love is the only way to receive it, and some people are special, special in a way we can not explain, since the beginning the connection with rahul has been so effortless, I am glad to have you as a friend in my life!

P.s- Here is a picture attached of Rahul

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-25 at 5.40.36 PM

Lots of love


Ingredients of life part 7

Two and a half years ago :

I wanted to go for my first yes!+ Advance course and had to register with a volunteer . I was called by a volunteer and went to register .  His name was Tarun .

He was standing below a tree , as soon as he recognized me he gave me a friendly smile… as if he knew me from a long time ( I think all yes!+ volunteers have this skill of showing belongingness anywhere and everywhere 😀 ) . I gave him the money and did not talk much , 2.5 years back I was  extremely shy and passive and not so comfortable communicating with strangers !?  Tarun asked me about what I do and where I was from and he also  invited me to come for a home intro talk happening sometime later and told me to get my friends ( back then I was relatively new to art of living and really uncomfortable  telling anyone about it ,  so when he told me to get my friends to this talk , I told yes on the outside but mentally decided to stay away from tarun and avoid him in future 😀 ) .

Around 7 months later ( i.e. 2 years ago ) :

I had gone to the Bangalore ashram for the navratri  homas and poojas . The chandi homa was really hyped up and I was very eager to attend that particular pooja . I went at 3:00 am in the morning and managed to get a place in the first row . Later I was joined by some volunteers from the yes!+ hyderabad . I did my kriya and found that tarun was sitting beside me . He gave me the same smile and this time I returned it back ( I had started volunteering in manipal and the belongingness bug had bit me too ) . We talked a little bit I came to know that he was to go to Scotland in a few weeks , I told him about what we are up to in Manipal . Then the Chandi homa started and we were soaked in bliss for hours that followed .  That afternoon I was hanging out with Tarun . He was to collect some medicines and we talked and talked for almost three hours ( actually he did the talking , I uttered just four sentences in three hours ). He told me how do I work for the course , what obstacles I will face , he told me what I need to do in order to stay focussed on what  I was doing , he asked me what I wanted to do in life , he asked me many many other things which I had not asked myself till that point of time . To be very frank I don’t remember excatly what he told me in those three hours but later that year whenever I was in a situation, I actually did what tarun told me to do and came out of the problem ( but later when I tried to recall what he said I could not rememeber , scary no !! ?? ). In that one year I emailed him just once ( he was in Scotland ) about some major problem happening in manipal . He replied and took my number and told me he will call me soon , I refused owing to the fact that it was an ISD call 😀 ( Why is he showing this much love towards me ??? I thought ) .

One year ago :

Again I was at the bangalore ashram for navratri and was just roaming around the ashram when I saw a familiar face waving at me . I went to him , hugged him and asked him when he came back from Scotland . He said he came just for Navratri and asked me if all was fine on my side . I smiled and told all was fine and then he went to talk to soemone else and I went somewhere .

This Year : 

I am back in hyderabad and slowly mixing and making friends  with the hyderabad volunteers . My Robin hood friend Mr. Tarun has also finished his Scotland studies and come back to hyd . In the past four months I’ve met him three times .

This it a summary of my brief encounters with one of the closest people in my life Mr. Tarun Reddy .  It is said that God chooses our relatives but we choose our friends . But I don’t know if Tarun will fall in the category of friends or not . I meet him less than two times in a year . During those meetings also we get to talk just for about 5 to 10 minutes . I have never talked about him to the rest of my best friends . I never miss him . In short we do nothing to stay in touch with each other , but still there is so much bonding , I fail to understand how it exists.  So much love he pours on me , I don’t know what to do with it , and all of it he does without any reason . Presence speaks more than words , this is very evident with him . I don’t know why he showers me with so much love , I don’t know why I like to be around him so much . He teaches me so much without even uttering a word . Now to put some light on his dark side 😉 . I’ve heard that he has had a murky past , I’ve heard he has been Lord Krishna to many people ( in this lifetime without a flute 😉 )  , but then come to think of it , who does not have a past ? I think the more murky the past , the more you can see the change that has come in your life ( provided you do sudarshan kriya 😉 ) and you can be more and more grateful for the change . For me Tarun Reddy is and will be my closest pal and the person who planted me as a seed and now I have grown into a tree ( ill give fruits and flowers also in some time , waiting for pollination i.e. Girlfriend 😀 haha ) . He read my blog ( he told it is awesome … yay!! ) and he asked me why I had not written about him here , realizing that I actually did not write about this unseen angel in my life , I sat down to write and here it is for you to read 🙂

He is a friend who will be there by not being there 😀

Jai Guru Dev

Lots of love

kullu .

The Diamond of love …

I have been postponing this post thinking that there is more and more content to be added , but then I realised that this personality I am going to write about is as vast as an ocean and hence waiting to encapsulate everything about her in one blog post is a futile attempt . So here is what I have seen of her in the time I spent with her till now.

Introduction :

The first time I got to know that someone like her exists was while reading a blogpost of one of our mutual friend . She looked like one of the most anti-meditating personality to me . I got to personally meet her in the ashram and I was told that she is a very senior art of living teacher ( SHOCK NO 1! ) , she has organised the Upgrade of the Winter break (SHOCK NO 2 !! ) and that she was to come to Manipal to teach they YES!+ ( SHOCK NO 3!!! ). For those who don’t know The Yes!+ Winter Break Upgrade is an event which involves more than 2000 young people running around here and there in an ashram performing tasks which are arranged level wise to complete the whole upgrade . Now organizing the Upgrade involves deciding what these tasks should be , how and where they are to be performed and with what resources they are to be done , making about 100 volunteers work in co ordination to make the event happen , all this done by this tiny ( !? ) being that I am writing about.

Her Profession and professional life :

PART 1 : The hard side :- 

She is a facilitator for the Youth Empowerment and skills Workshop and does this facilitation full time . This job of hers makes her go around the country , meet new people , eat different kinds of food , teach them how to live life , and in this happy process she gets paid ! ! ! Her mentors are Bawa and Dinesh and she strives to be just like them professionally. The sharp focus she has while working can be used to cut even a diamond with ease. When she is working , she walks with a purpose and talks with a purpose . She has not time to do vella things while her work is on ! Anyone who disturbs her while work will be in for a nice shouting or even beating 😀 . All these qualities have made her do magical things in her profession as a facilitator of Yes!+. Now even if you tell someone you know her , they will treat you with respect 😉 .

PART 2 : The fun side :-

While she remains focused on her work and makes things happen where ever she goes , she also makes sure she has lots of fun in the process. When she is in town ,  mid night laughter , food at 4:00 am , cute cool stories of her journey till now ,  also things one should do to become better in life are talked about ( Mind you when she does not work she only talks and she can talk for a madly long time , there is not limit !!! 😀 ). She will dance to mad songs , she will hit you for fun , she will play games , she will insult , all this she does like a child . So in the process no one feels bad ( !? ) . Also she will cook delicious food with whatever ingredients you manage to give her in record time ! All this are different ways she uses to make her professional life a celebration and also make more and more friends and make their life better . Her profession also involves using some of her talents , for example she was told to direct a play , run a restaurant ( running a restaurant means not just sitting at the counter giving tokens but actually cooking the food ), she also conducted a Yoga night in a night club . It was called Yoga Rave , she was told to perform classical dance in a concert . So along with being a facilitator ( for which you get paid ) , you also get to be a director , run a restaurant , be a DJ , dance in a concert . I have never seen any profession that would allow you to do so many different things . And all this involves too much work and staying awake with physical pain and working till 3:00 am almost everyday for her , she does it with a smile !!! * take a bow * . * applauze *

Her Personal Life :  All the content written above might have been witnessed or even experienced by people who have worked with her some time or the other. But very few blessed ones ( like me 😉 ) got to spend time with her when she is not there in a particular place for professional reasons . And it is then that I realized from where does she get the dedication and commitment to do all that she does in life . On a personal level this lady who is capable of making people experience fear and insecurity , also experiences fear , but for very small things ( like dogs etc ) , but when it comes to bigger things in life , she moves ahead without fear but faith in the Higher power . Like how most of us in the art of living long to be with the guru , she also feels intense longing and also intense joy ( see the picture below ) when she gets to meet him .

She is also extremely close to her family and she knows exactly how to maintain a balance between her work and family, when her brother need her , she is there for him , also she talks with utmost respect and love with anybody’s parents ( as if it were her parents ).

She has alcohol friends ( means who drink smoke etc ) , satvic friends (all art of living people etc ) and enlightened friends ( like Abhiram , Sri Vidya , etc ) . And from what I have seen all the three categories of people give her equal amount of love ( deserves an applause ). Also she gives so much love to random people even if they don’t ask for it ( she will talk to a waiting room lady and give her something to eat , she will bless an auto wala who is coughing ) . Random acts of kindness rule her existence . The level of awareness she possess is crazy ! It cannot be explained in words , only has to be experienced . she possess courage and can act more manly than most boys in her vicinity for getting things done. Now lastly coming to her mortal charms she has the most wierdest ear piercings ( she has many of them and nobody cares to count ) , She has a HUGE tatoo on her leg , she will dress up in the most beautiful way possible . When it comes to shopping she will leave everything in the world to explore and get the best things for her . To put it in her words ” I can shop for an eternity ” she says. With all these supposedly shallow things she is so deep in her way of living that at first you might not notice it but with time when you realize it , you will treat her with reverence. To put it all in one picture she is a His holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar , with a changed name and gender ( tell me if you can find some similarities in the picture below ) :

I don’t know what her name means , but I think she is a diamond ( mani )  who does work with commitment and focus and also exhibits love ( priya ) . This was something about one of my mentors Priyamani that I wanted the world to know .


Lots of love

Kulpreeth 🙂

Jai Guru Dev .

Ingredients of life Part 6

This is going to be about two people who have barged in my life together. when a child comes into this world , everyone says that a new life has entered the family . But if seen from the child’s perspective , so many people have entered the child’s life also ( most importantly the mom and the dad ). On the same lines one Girl and one Boy have come into my life .

Lets talk about the girl first . The girl is a confident , independent , hard-working and caring species. Generally a friendship starts after two people meet , but our friendship started even before we met. I was told she is new in Manipal and to make her feel at home. She came to Manipal at a time when I was quite desperate to have the Yes!+ workshops conducted in Manipal. This desperation was building up for quite some time ( 6 months to be precise!). We talked over the phone and she was in Udupi and was coming to manipal , I explained to her where I would be meeting her and then she asked me if I needed something for myself from Udupi. I felt amazed at the belongingness she exhibited ( she has not even met and asking if I need anything, I thought ) . I got a feeling this girl must be a good person. The next day I met her , before I came into her field of view I looked at her, her face had mixed emotions of not liking the place, anxiety of meeting a new person , but when she looked at me she smiled and I smiled back. For the name “sudeshna” I had pictured some aunty type , salwar wearing , fat spectacles telugu girl, but she was quite beautiful ( sorry for being judgemental but it used to be a very bad habit of mine back then ). Then began our friendship and I came to know how wonderful a person she is . Although I had full energy and zeal to work for the Yes!+ , my energy and zeal got a direction only because she ( and the boy we will talk later about )  came to Manipal , she showed the right way and direction to work , she told how things should be done and how things should not be done. In short she was( and still continues to be )one of my mentors. She is bestowed with amazing leadership skills , when she told stories about volunteering in Hyderabad, everybody thought she is awesome. But I thought otherwise (Show Off would be the thought in my mind when she would go on harping about Yes!+ hyderabad ). In the two years that I have spent with her, I have tried to understand her existence, her personality exhibits all the awesome qualities and people appreciate her for what she is , but I want to be frank enough to tell that I have only disliked her in these two years. This dislike is not because she is a bad person , but its the kind of dislike that you have towards a very strict teacher , or your dad/mom when they don’t allow you to something you like very much. This girl has been that stick in my life which keeps hitting me to come back on track , when you get hit it pains right( so the dislike! 😀 ), also the dislike was more in this case because she hit me with words causing pain in the mind. I started volunteering for the courses and while I was being praised for the seva I did , this girl punctured my balloon of happiness with merciless criticism. All my enthusiasm was killed by her criticism , but despite all this dislike , I still stuck around her , because I felt it is her harshness that made others see the goodness in me. Although she shows great qualities , sometimes she acts in the most stupid way which I feel is totally uncalled for , for the type of life she has. Imagine achievening all the awesome things in the world and being a role model for many many youths of her age and feeling bad for things like ” These people have stopped talking to me ” , ” This friend of mine has been bitching about me ” , also one thing I would point out about this girl is that she is very possesive about people she likes , sometimes she cannot take it if she has to work under someone ( only sometimes! ) and she has this hypothetical thinking that she does not look good and is overgrown and not glamorous. But will all these supposed thorns in the bush she manages to still rock the world around her and inspire people with her existence. I only feel grateful that she is there in my life and now when she scolds me for anything I only smile 🙂

Now lets talk about the Boy 🙂  I was told that this person sings in satsangs in the art of living and is a very hard core volunteer back home in meerut. On this happy note I arranged my meeting with him over the phone. His voice had a very deep , serious tone . His name is rohit and for a name like that I thought he will be a very welcoming and generally high-spirited person ( I thought someone who sings in satsangs must be like a super dude and all ) . All my thoughts about Rohit were completely true. He is a dude , he is welcoming , he is high spirited :). Only that you have to be qualified to see all these qualities in him. People say he is quite reserved and talks very little , but I think otherwise. In the two years of my friendship with him ,  I have herd so much from him about so many things that I quite disagree with the less talking part. It happens very rarely that Rohit and I agree on something at any point of time , but over two years I have learned from him that although someone might not be like you in any aspect of your existence, you can still work in harmony with them and the work gets done awesomely 🙂 When I shout at him , he humbly listens , when I do madness around him, he quietly witnesses , When I push his buttons on purpose , he gives an all knowing smile ( LOL 😀 )  . Like the unseen power that governs the creation , Rohit is a power who quietly and effortlessly governs the work in Yes!+ manipal , I don’t know if he has realized this but he has skillfully nurtured me to grow more and more in life. Also he is aware and is concerned about everyone around him , a major part of our conversations involved rohit telling me what right/wrong people are doing in manipal and what should be done about it. Although he very rarely will show this concern to that person being talked about , he really is concerned about them. Coming to his mortal charms , he is very smart and handsome ( so people say! ) , also he goes gymming and has a quater-salman khan body :D, his eyes twinkle even when there is no light , his has awesome hair ( so people say!), he has this amazing skill of getting more work done with the least possible effort from his side and he is very very good at bargaining. But again with all these above mortal and immortal qualities he is very lazy , spends money like water , is very entangled and attached to things/people ( private and confidential! ) , also he is quite short tempered , and last but not the least he leaves too much to chance too often and tell His Holiness ( our Guru ) to do most of the work for him ( I think His holiness works over time when it comes to making things work in Rohit’s life ) . In short He is a very very good human who has more of less made his mission to bring happiness in other’s life and is very awesomely doing it . Also when around Rohit you don’t need to spend money , he almost always has at least 1000 rs cash in his wallet 😀

To conclude I would like to thank them both to have adopted me into the art of living , after my enlightened relatives ( read ashok ji , vini , priya didi , tanu di , suman bhaiya ) , these two people ( and all who are in the Ingredients of life section of this blog) have made my life so beautiful and wonderful that its beyond description. I feel blessed to have these two in my life :)here is how they look 🙂

Lots of love


Ingredients of life – Part 5 :)

Fairy God mother of wonderland wanted to make a doll, she wanted this doll to have magical powers , this doll would not be whiney , this doll would be strong , confident and charismatic and many more things. Hence was born my very dear Nishtha Manocha. The most beautiful ingredient of my life. The love that she exutes is very hazardous, just like magic you get pulled towards her. The first time I noticed this girl I was supremely agitated and irritated ( We almost missed a bus in the most filmy style possible and in between all the commotion all she wanted to so was take photographs ), then in the due course of time I got to know her more. After this ingredient entered my life I realised how vast can someone’s existence be ( she hides it all behind those two cute eyes of hers with a smile which will make you go weak in your knees ) . This one girl is one of the main pillars of the DISHA foundation , a foundation that does immense good work , by visiting nearby orphanages and connecting with the kids and teaching and learning from them. This cutie fairy of mine with her other club members organised a disha carnival and raised Rs 35,000 for the orphanage and also had a sponsorship drive of more than Rs 1,00,000 ( Cool no ? applause ). Almost every sunday when rest of the manipal is either sleeping or is reeling in a  hangover Ms. Nishtha Manocha is off to an orphanage where she mothers the kids and brings a smile on their face, teaches them how to read and write and plays games with them. Her eyes twinkle when she recalls stories about how “her” kids back in the orphanage did cute things for her and how happy they were when she was around. Actually most of the people are generally happy when Nishtha is around ( the other set of people who are not so happy also have their reasons , some of which will be told here ,but later ). This doll is someone who people look up to, for various reasons. Some of them being :

1. She is extremely beautiful ( courtesy her good karma and her weekly appointments with the beauty parlour ).

2. She has topped her class in almost every semester ( means little brain also she has , which she uses very often ) , my only girl-friend who is a 9.6 ( yay! I am so proud ).

3. Extremely proficient in organising and managing things ( including complex species like boys ).

These are just the tip of the ice berg, rest shall be unleashed to you when you actually meet her ( if you have the good karma for that to happen ). So much goodness on the earth has comes with little flaws,yes my doll nishtha also has a few, some of them being : She likes ( or rather is used to) getting attention from people ( depending on who is around ). Sometimes very dominant she becomes and she almost always places the order for food without asking people ( she does ask people, but after placing the order ). The other flaws are totally not her mistake, one of them being that she is the main reason for raised heart beats of many boys, she almost enjoys a movie actress status in manipal, where she has A boy friend , many brothers , many crushes , and many more friends. All in all a good doll who is a blessing to all the people she is connected to ( directly or indirectly ) . She gourav and angi have been my virtual family here and I am so thankful for nishtha to have entered this dangerous vicinity ( my life ! :D) .

mommy and daddy



Lots of love

Kullu 🙂


Ingredients of life part – 4:)

Heart has four chambers , the fourth post in this category is about Angi ( Ankit Agarwal ) who fill all the chambers of the heart with only one thing – love. He hails from the land which bears one of the seven wonders of the world, this Agra boy is symbol of love just like the Taj Mahal. Helping and sharing comes naturally to him , even sometimes if he has to go that extra mile to help anyone he will do it, and the best part is he does it with a smile . Generosity personified he is, I never met any one who is so willing to help and share (I think its the taj mahal effect 😀 ) . He is the jaan de denge par wachan nahi todenge types , for he always stands on his word, if he says he will do it, he will do it , no matter what 🙂 . Everyone of us is born with some basic traits or characteristics , and I think Angi is born with a sense of inquiry, he will go into details of any thing that catches his eye or interests him, most of the times till he knows it inside out, something that I have had no patience to do . I know people who are very rude to their parents , people who lie to their parents about small and big things, people who take pride in being blindly loyal and obedient to their parents , but Angi does not belong to these categories , the love and respect with which he talks to his mom is so genuine ( sometime when I hear him talk on phone I feel like calling my mom and telling her how much I love her ) at the same time he does not allow his wishes to crumble underneath obedience, skillful kada? God knows how he does that. Can act extraordinarily dumb in the most obvious situations ( after all nobody is perfect 🙂 ) , my partner in crime in many inside jokes, I dont have a very good photo of his , so unless I get one just imagine a walking talking monument who just like the taj mahal exudes love from his very being 🙂 That is Ankit Agarwal ( aka Angi as i love to call him ).

Lots of love

Kullu 🙂

Ingredients of life part – 3 :)

If i have a sword which can cut through anything without harming it , the gemstone adorning the hilt will be Mr. G Mahapatra :

The G in his name stands for Gourav , he does full justice to his name , everyone just feels proud of him ( sometimes even when he does not do anything 😀 ) , he dislikes if i praise him in public and as this is very much a public blog , i guess he will be fuming by the time this post ends 😛 . An awesome guitarist & singer , people say he sings with bhaav, being around him for about one year I see that he does everything with bhaav , one of the most honest and straight forward person i have ever met, he is a friend who will tell you on your face if you do something wrong ( such species are very rare), anger is a very dominant feature of Mr.G, you should be very careful not to cross the line , very dedicated and hard working species of homo sapiens, he plays guitar , sings , is a champ at badminton all this with studies ( I told no his name is Gourav – pride ) , there are many things he is going to do in future but i am not allowed to talk about them . Gourav has taught me many things , standing up for myself, speaking the truth,  multi tasking etc etc. All in all a very cool person to be with …


Lots of love

Kulpreeth 🙂

Ingredients of life part – 2 :)

Harsha Dhingra :

The definition of good friends for me was “ I have to know them for a good amount of time ( at least a year) “. This concept was shattered when I met harsha. Its been such a little while that we have been together but now she is one of my closest friends, in the six months that I got to know her, I was only amazed by her. She is extraordinarily compassionate, you just cant get angry at her, never have I seen anybody talk ill about her( a quality everyone should acquire), she is always ready to help and give. Most of my friends are good at studies, not the toppers but above average people , but harsha is an exception, she tops in almost anything she does, a gold medallist from college and topped her masters entrance exam, I did not believe when she told me she got 1st rank ! She is excellent at whatever she does, very caring and she also cooks very well :D. I cant help but smile when around her, had I wanted to jot down all the good qualities I wanted to have and wanted to give them a human form , they would have become harsha. Her attitude of serving without expecting anything in return is really something, knocks me off! Hold on hold on , she is not a mother Teresa as I have been potraying her, she can be extremely angry and shout ( she only shouts at me for now ), but this shouting also comes from a space of love and caring, its amazing when she shouts, I get the message she wants to convey and yet am not hurt( although I shout back , Male Ego!!! 😀 ), very simple in living and she manages to look beautiful in the simplest of things, its more about her personality than her looks , that her beauty shines from within. She is good at arts and crafts, likes to make goodies , gifts and cards for people just to get a smile on their face ( yes , no special occasion required 😀 ). Its so amazing how many good people are around us and all we need to do is just see, I never realised the first time I met her that she will be so nice a person. I am so glad I got to know her and now she can be counted in as a friend for life :D.

Lots of love

Kulpreeth. 🙂

Ingredients of life – part 1 :)

There are a few people in my life that I feel eligible to write about i.e. my extremely tolerant friends who have been putting up with my nonsense since our friendship began, they are high on dose of tolerance and I test their abilities, but in the end I am grateful that these people are there in my life , we spend majority of our time outside home with friends ( except the time with relatives ), at least for me , besides my parents my friends have contributed to 70% of my life, so ill be telling here about some of my friends ( the ingredients of my life so far , not necessarily in any order).

So here goes :

Faraaz Siraj :

Its been about one year that Faraaz and I have been friends , few of the many things that I like about him are that he is unconditionally kind and caring , lives life on his terms( 98% of the times). I observed that our lifestyle mainly depends on the kind of company we keep, this became an experience when faraaz and I became friends, he has so much respect and love for his parents, looking at him I also started respecting my parents more than before , he is a very responsible friend , he has this skill of pointing out if you are doing anything wrong without making you feel bad or guilty i.e. expert at giving constructive criticism, he can qualify for being called  handsome, smart and all other titles associated with looks, but he is very very modest about it, ok now you must be imagining him like this Mr.Perfect with no flaws, I am coming to the flaws part… faraaz has this super natural power of sleeping almost at anytime of the day (or night :D), you should not be surprised if you go to his room and he is sleeping , its like breathing to him, he is generally shy, little hesitant to talk to new people( especially the opposite sex), but once he gets started he goes on and on and on … lol 😀 , other flaws are kind of private and confidential and are not to be disclosed( if I tell it here I will kill myself before faraaz kills me), the quality that appeals to me the best is his regularity with his prayer , he does his prayers daily and every friday he goes to the mosque to pray, this is something I never do ( like going to a temple or any specific place to pray regularly). But whenever I pray I do pray(sometimes) that everyone gets a friend like faraaz.

P.S: more about other friend in future posts .

P.P.S : If you know any good or bad quality of faraaz that I have missed , feel free to comment.

Lots of love,

Kulpreeth. 🙂