Not about me

Continuing the last post on how to be happy and content!!!!

There is a sipritual angle to the answer as well as a not so obviously spiritual answer to this. May be reading the following sentences you will be able to see the spiritual as well as the not so spiritual answer 🙂

  1. Do something for others, it will definitely make you happy, provided you dont expect them to praise you, criticize you, love you, or even smile a you. Just do it!!! you will see that doing this will 100% make you happy.
  2. Do what you like, if you like cheescake, eat it, if you like computer games, play, if you like to sleep, take a long nap. doing what you like to do will shut your mind off the thought process for some time and when your mind stops running you will see happiness is there 🙂
  3. lastly all the discontentment comes when you only think about your own self, what will happen to you, will the things you want to happen occur or not, all this thinking about yourself will drain any happiness and contentment that is there. So make your life more of a “not about me” than a “only about me” and you will see everything that is good for you will come and will come more than you need it 🙂


Lots of love




Today I met one friend of mine , he is a graduate from Purdue University and will be leaving for his masters to the Columbian University in a few days . He had come to just chill and take a break for 8 months 🙂


In my conversation with him my  mind was thinking so many things about India and people leaving India and as tomorrow is Independence Day ,what better day& time to write about it 😀 . so here is what I was thinking .


1. Whenever the world wanted anything they came to India . when they wanted gold , we had it , when they wanted knowledge,  we had it , when they wanted herbs/medicines we had it . This tradition continues till today , today the world wants peace and WE have it 🙂

2. Ours is the country which gives human values to the world , you might have wealth , technology , machines etc etc , but what is a human without human values ???

3. The most ancient language of India ( sanskrit ) is a highly scientific one. The way the alphabets are written in sanskrit is excatly the way the air moves in our mouth when we pronounce that alphabet . ( now to figure that out requires a mind crazily calm and centered , minds like that existed and continue to exist in India * Take a Bow* )

4. India is the land where a lot and lot and lot of people have meditated and the vibrations of those meditations still continue to have an effect on this land 🙂


This is the land to be 🙂 and the best thing about India is that it gave the world H.H.SriSri Ravi Shankar ( rather he chose to be born here , that  makes India special ) . The perfect perfection of a human being who has come to show us how perfect we can be as humans 🙂


I always thought that I am a little weird as to why I never harboured this dream to go and study abroad and settle outside India like the rest of my friends. But now I feel so blessed to have such a feeling 🙂 Proud to be an Indian 🙂

Happy Independence Day


Jai Guru Dev

Kullu 🙂

Holy day

Its good friday and hanuman Jayanti today 🙂 yesterday was Mahavir Jayanti ( In India we do have so many festivals you are celebrating something or the other all through the year 😀 )

I know very little about good friday . It is the day Jesus was crucified and that is all I know about it .

There are few things that I would like to share about our monkey God Maruti ( for those who do not know Its hanuman ji’s other name ). Hanuman is said to be the epitome of strength , meditation and devotion . His world was Rama , he came down to serve Rama , his devotion even astonished Rama at times , he was a dear friend to Rama as well as a perfect devotee ( perfect combination of love and respect ) . There are two stories that I have heard that I would like to share here

1. Rama was very confused on how can anyone be so devoted to him as hanuman and wanted to ask him . Hanuman how is it that you are so devoted to me ? This is the only instance in history when a master has doubted a devotee . Then hanuman answers that every cell of his body reverberates with Rama , Every hair on his body ( monekys do have a lot of hair ) only chants Rama . Such is his devotion towards his master . This is depicted as hanuman tearing his chest and showing Rama that he is inside him . Actually he did not tear his chest .


2. When the ram setu was being constructed by the Vanara sena , one fine evening Lord Rama was sitting beside the sea shore , he was looking at the vanaras writing his name on the stones and the stones were floating. He also thought to try it out . He wrote his name on a stone and threw it  in the water, he was expecting the stone to float but the stone sank!

Rama got very perturbed by this phenomenon. Again he wrote his name on few stones and threw them in the water . Again the stones sank into the water. How come my stones are not floating ? He got very confused. Hanuman arrived at the scene and asked Rama ” My lord , what bothers you ?”

Rama replied ” Hanuman , when the vanaras throw the stone into the water after writing my name , it floats , but when I do the same thing the stones sink , I don’t know why this is happening ”

To this Hanuman replied with a smile ” Is it not obvious my lord  ”

Rama asked ” please explain Hanuman ”

Hanuman replied ” Anything that you throw away from yourself is bound to sink my lord , even the stones do not want to be away from you ” .


Many such stories illustrate the maturity and devotion that hanuman had for his master.

Happy Birthday to Maruti 🙂


Lots of love

Kullu 🙂


The mind !!!

Lately I have been spending a lot of time with myself . As I have told many times before ” the fun side is the inside ” . Some parts of the fun deserve a space in my blogosphere .

This is an official announcement that I , Mr.S. Kulpreeth Singh , is now an employed youth . The company that has employed me is called Opitmized solutions and as I wished for I have a non technical job , which involves talking to different kinds of people sitting far far away in Chicago , interviewing them , recruiting them and the likes…

When I stepped into this new corporate world , I got my quota of doubts and anxiety along with me. The only thing that I was very sure of in my life is that I have to grow into a good human being and be useful to others. Both of these things of mine were being taken care of by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar , through His many ways 😀 . I had no idea why I needed this corporate world at all. I was just going with the flow. But four days into my job I have realized that so much needs to be changed in me and my expression of thought.

To put it in simpler words, we all are molded in a certain way , everyone is manufactured uniquely body wise and also mind wise.  Some are molded in a way that is accepted by majority, some are not. Not being accepted by majority is not the issue here , the issue is if you accept your molding the way it is. This is where the problem comes, Mr.Singh ( means me 😉 ) was not ok with his molding. Firstly he did not accept his molding as it had shaped up over the years and as a result could do nothing in the past to change it. All attempts were futile until very recently. Few sculptors sent by the divine took up the responsibility of making him first accept the way he was and then showing him the direction to work out ways in which he could systematically change it . Not to forget most of the process involved just pointers from the sculptors and a lot of homework by Mr.Singh. Hence a lot of mind work got involved. I will not elaborate more on the process in which this happened , but the key to crack it is to be in silence .

One of the sculptors ( lets call him S1 ) extensively continues to work on me , and the other ( S2 ) just steps in when desperately needed. Both have different ways of doing things , S1 just chizzels away all the extra and unnecessary parts , while S2 works more on the insides. Both of them do it with utmost care and love and I am so grateful for that. Also God had blessed me with a mature and healthy mind to undergo the pain that comes because of the chipping off of the unnecessary parts at one level , and also not develop hatred or remorse towards S1 for giving me the pseudo short term Pain ( is a pain with a capital P , mind it , till now I had never got tears in my eyes because of someone saying something to me , but recently I did , as a part of the molding process !!) . S2 on the other hand works on the pure principal of love , and it works like magic !!! This is the mechanics of what has been happening in my life for the past few weeks . ( If you have not understood it , is ok !!! 😉 )

My mind was not its normal self since this molding process began. The only principal I continue to follow till date is “ the observer can change the dynamics of the observation ( this was what I had been doing but could not frame it in a sentence , but this golden sentence describing what I was actually doing was uttered by Mr.divine Swami Harish ji  * applauze * ) . For those who did not understand , the meaning of the sentence in bold is that if you observe what is happening inside you , then it changes 🙂 . Please note that for me , following this statement was not as easy as I made it sound here . Once you start doing it you’ll know what a roller coaster ride it is 🙂 . With practice it became easier , but I did have moments when I lost it and was back to square 1 . I did not lose hope and with courage and commitment I started from the scratch again.

Today was the day I was feeling so calm and abundant , the day just went smoothly , things were not working out , Mr.S1 still threw sharp knifes at me to chizzel out unnecessary parts but it did not pain like before . And S2 told me I am doing just fine and I should GO WITH THE FLOW . I realized I was already doing it and hence a sense of calm came over , knowing that I am on the right path.

Because of this kind of state of mind I enjoyed my work today and when we had to go for dinner , I went to a posh Italian restaurant called little Italy , it is in a place called Jublee Hills in Hyderabad and it is literally on a hill . The restaurant is on the the third floor of the hill and when you go there you get a bird eye view of the city. I decided not to have any one along with me , I got the most amazing table in the balcony of the hotel , I placed the order and told them to get it after 10 mins , for the next 8 minutes I meditated admist the cool breeze as a part of my evening routine ( Its a hot shot tip from  Mr. Michael Fischmann to meditate twice daily once in the morning and once in the evening )  , a soothing piano piece playing in the background . The food came and on a candle lit table I quietly ate it soaking in the silence that was around , listening to the music. While eating thoughts came into my mind which would help me make my molding better. I got ideas on how to talk , how to be in a particular place , with particular people etc etc. Then magically Mr.S1 called and the conversation took turns in such a way that all my ideas were rubber stamped by him to be the most productive ways to develop.

Happy and content about it I sat down to write it here on the blog. The implementation part of the ideas is going on , hence if it is worth it , may be it will make another blogpost here 🙂 Watch out for it 🙂

Lots of love

Kullu 🙂

Plans + Zing Zang boom = wonder !!! Part 2

continued from Plans + Zing Zang boom = wonder !!! 

From now on the wonder part begins !!!


I buried all my plans at the back of my heart . After like 10 minutes of mourning , my mind told me something needs to be done about the terrible pain that I was getting engulfed in. I called one of my friends to come and pick me up . While I was waiting for him to come , an another friend of mine passed by and stopped. Bachi came and blessed me and my other friend had arrived by then. Imagining the trauma my mom will undergo and the emotional drama that will follow on seeing my torn clothes and bleeding body parts,  I got up to walk towards the bike. I moved my right leg to walk and  Scrunch!!! a noise came from the foot , the noise was followed by a high voltage current type feeling from foot to head for a second or two. Intution told me that something was seriously wrong with my leg . Praying that it is not a fracture I boarded the bike 😀 and told them to take me to a nearby hospital . X-ray was taken and one injection was given . They told me its not a fracture and told me to wear some bandage for 10 days .

WONDER NO 1 :  So much gratefulness came over me that it was not a fracture , I still felt hope to complete few of my plans. I was thinking where did I go wrong ? What went wrong .. All my intentions were more or less for the greater good only . Then why this ? Where did I go wrong .

Instead of cribbing about the pain my mind was retrospecting what went wrong  .  Aho !!! 

Praying that my dad is not at home I knocked the door. I ring the door bell expecting the worst . My mom opens the door . She takes two seconds to process what she is seeing . I limp inside the house wanting to enter my bedroom before coming into the visibility zone of my dad. My punjabi by nature mom immediately shouts out for my dad ” Suno ji , kullu accident karke aaya , kapde phat gaye , khoon nikal raha hai ” . ( Kullu has met with an accident , his clothes are torn , he is bleeding ). My dad rushes to come and see , he has one look at me from top to bottom and I get shouted at for carelessness and rash driving and my mom adds in her bit of anger by telling its all because of Guruji ( His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ). Then I go to my room and change clothes and rest.

There is so much love in our parents , I saw my dad’s face while he came rushing out , so much love and care in his eyes. My pain was my parents pain , they did not even scold me so much because it was painful for me to stand and listen.

I saw my parents love pouring out on me , inspite of the fact that their outward expression was of anger . I was only grateful for having them in my life. Aho again !!!

The next few days I was just on the bed , bed to bathroom , bathroom to bed. I was not allowed to move an inch , for my wounds would open up , I could not cover myself with a bedsheet for my wounds would open up . Anythign I did which involved movement , my wounds would open up. I just sat and stared at my burning wounds whole of the first night . Then at 1:00 am I swithced on the comp and sat on facebook . There was a link which said live webcast from germany. I clicked on it and watched His Holiness for an hour or so. After that went back to bed and continued with the staring process. The next day my wounds changed colour, it was like there were four red pots boiling on my body. Two on my knees and two on the elbows. The pain was beyond my perception and I just lay still for two days.

In these two days of forced painful stillness , I got my answer to why it all happened. My stupidity and over enthusiasm to do things spoilt it all. My priya Di always told me ” Josh me nahi , Hosh me kaam karo ” ( never work with over enthusiasm , work from a space of awareness )  . Now I understood what that meant. Its a Aho moment Again !!! 

Its been 5 days since my injuries and inspite of this speed breaker I was able to get 6 people onto the course , resume my bhagwad gita reading , Sing a song in the lead in the weekly satsang, and also I have quite a few appointments fixed up for CST for the weekend. And also my sprain has healed almost completely.

The biggest Aho is that I have learned to work side by side with pain . Its ok if pain is there , the work should not stop ( AHO NIRANJANO ..!!!! Clap please !!! )

This episode has made me stronger, more aware , more committed and I thank the almighty for that 🙂


Kullu 🙂

Plans + Zing Zang boom = wonder !!!

The title of this post explains it all … I had some plans for the next few days , then some zing zang boom things happened and now in a state of wonder I am writing this text !!!


1. I have become a CST ( Cranio Sacral Therapy ) therapist and am practicing to remove stress from people’s system and in turn feeling very happy in the process. I had a trip planned to Mangalore where I was supposed to do cranio to many many people over a span of 8 days .

2. My best buddy Mr.Tarun Reddy left for bangalore one week ago to become a teacher of the art of living . Inspired by him , I also thought I ought to become a teacher very soon ( like in the next 6 months 😉 ) , hence I took up a challenge  to bring 50 people to the next yes!+ course .

3. I had taken a commitment to do 54 suryanamaskars , two rounds of padmasadhana , followed by the sudarshan kriya and chanting till the new year .

4. I planned to go to bangalore for the new year on the 31st of december .

I feel the almighty laughing at me right now as I am writing my plans here , its like He is saying ” Ho Ho .. this kid has big plans …  but I have something else planned for him “.

5. I wished to watch the Shiv Sutras followed by the Patanjali Yoga Sutras till the January 10th 2012 with my group sadhana group here.

6. I wanted to go to Delhi ( 60% because my best friend had come home from America  for two weeks and I wanted to meet her  , 40% beacuse she got posh clothes for me 🙂 ) .

7. I wanted to complete reading the Bhagvad Gita before the 31st of december 2011.

These were the divine & materialistic plans of the divine in the making Kulpreeth Singh 😉 before around 1:00 pm at the 25th of December happened . What happened is in the Zing Zaam Boom part . . . ( its a tragedy + comedy 😀 )

ZING ZANG BOOM !!! ( all the text written in italics in this part are the thoughts running through my mind at that point of time , its very important information for you to understand the Wonder part !!! ) 

With all the above mentioned divine & Materialistic plans , very sure that I will be able to accomplish them all come what may … I woke up on the 25th of December , it was christmas and I was feeling extremely happy , quickly had bath and went for the long kriya . I was terribly late , they had completed the third round of bhastrika (  I apologised to guruji telling him little cheating is allowed once in a while 😀 ) . So when the oldies were relaxing their ankles after vajrasan I quickly completed one round of bhastrika and did the long kriya . Then soon I got ready to go to the Yes!+ course happening in this college called IPE ( I chose my favourite green kurta which I had worn when I first met guruji and he had actually placed his arm on that kurta for like 2 minutes . While picking it up from the wardrobe I was thinking its been 3 years and this kurta is as good as new . Also I almost always like my kutti small turban , but that day for no reason at all I wore the big turban inspite of the fact that it brings pain in my ears )  .

I was volunteering and we needed paper plates for a process of the course . The paper plates were on their way and would take like 15 more minutes , but the teacher needed them more early than that , in like 5 minutes. My plan no 2 told me to be a good volunteer and go rush to the nearest store and get the plates as soon as possible ( While leaving I was thinking should I go or should I not , anyway the plates are coming in 15 minutes , the teacher must have told 5 mins just to hurry them up ).  I ignored the thought and started my bike.  It was sunny and there were lots of trees but not many leaves ( winter kada , there are lot of speed breakers on this road I thought , how will I see them in this zebra skin type pattern  that the shadow of the trees is making on the road ) . I raced my bike to above 60 kms/hr , since I was new to the locality I was thinking where I would get paper plates anywhere here . WHOOP came a speed breaker and my vehicle flew in the air. I left the handle , the next thing I heard was my bike skidding all the way by my side , I hit the floor head first , my huge turban came out due to the impact, I rolled on the road many times and landed near the footpath 6-7 meters away from where I hit the ground.

I tried to open my eyes and looked around if I was still alive or dead , there was sand in my mouth , nothing in me was moving inside or outside . Then people rushed to me to pick me up . Soon I got up and was shown few things which brought intense pain !!!

Pain number 1 : My green kurta which I cherished as a happy memory of meeting my guru the first time was torn 😦

Pain number 2 : My wrist watch which I had been wearing since the past 6 years has been shattered to more than three pieces , I had some weird attachment with it , I took it to all the art of living courses/events that I have attended or volunteered for and I felt it was a very wonderful watch.

These two things really broke my heart and the first thing I did after getting up was bundle up the remains of my watch and place them safely in my pocket  ( I felt like the kid in that movie ” the pursuit of happiness” when he loses his super man on the road in a hurry to catch the bus ) . In the process of collecting the broken pieces I saw that there was something else paining at the body level. I saw that both me knees and elbows were red , also there was a weird red pattern made by scars on both my feet . I was made to sit on a nearby bench, I told someone to look for my cellphone , my phone had broken open into three pieces , hands shaking with pain I put it together. It was showing no signal ( I mentally planned to buy a cheap 1000 rs phone in case this phone was damaged ). I sat on the bench processing what happened and then the physical pain got on to me , long and deep breaths helped , someone gave me water , I felt the sand in my mouth … it increased the pain . The person who gave me water told me there was a scar on my nose ( I got a mini heart attack here , first of all I am dark , short , belly boy …  upon that a scar on the nose would definitely add up to my good looks , I thought ) . I also felt liquidy liquidy in my beard , the person told me my chin is hurt as well . ( I wanted to ask him for a mirror to see how I look 😀 ). I was just breathing deep and long when the most crazy thing happened , an another person brought an AXE deodrant ,chocolate flavour , and sprayed it where ever I had a wound or was bleeding . I started laughing and told him I never use a deo , he told me it will help . I sat there breathing deep and long , thinking about my watch and kurta and all the plans I had made for the near future . ( I felt all of them going away like the ashes of the dead dissolving in the ganga ).

….. Rest I will post in the next post


Kullu 🙂

Full stop ~~~!!!

Why do I feel scared to talk about what I have inside ? Why do I feel that I am something less than others ? Why I am I so sure of failing ? Why do I lie ? Why do I not speak up for myself ? Why do I always doubt  ? Why do I think so much ? Why do people spit on the road ? Why don’t my parents understand what I want to say ? Why do people laugh at me ? Why do I not get to do what I want to do ? Why do I behave like a coward ? Why do I not feel the same level of connection with everyone ? Why do I don’t like cricket ? Why Do I always think about what others will think ? Why am I not natural at all places at all times ? Why do I think doing an IT job is worse than suicide ? Why do I feel jealous when other people behave very closely to my close friends ? Why do I plan and plan and plan and don’t work according to the plan? Why do I always want to do what my father is telling me not to do ? Why do I want so much attention all the time ? Why am I existing at all ? Why don’t people accept me as I am ? Why are enuchs so scary ? Why do people want you to be something and will not like it when you are something else ? Why does my whole being pull me towards a satsang even if it means compromise on any other work I am doing ? Why do I long to see my guru ? Why do sanskrit sounds make me jump with joy from within ? Why do I always want to give and give and give ? Why does my bhaiya not live in hyderabad 😥 ? Why are people so ignorant about themselves and their surroundings ? Why am I always unsure about where my life will go and how will it be ? Why do I feel I cannot live without some people in my life ? Why Why Why ???

When so many whys come into my life I think I need to be silent for some time …

In turmoil and confusion !!!

Kul .