Delhi Vs Gurgaon

Yes!!! I have moved to the north of the country (Delhi , wait Gurgaon to be exact). Some updates about what I have liked and what I am attempting to like in this part of India.

Delhi is very vibrant and warm, Gurgaon is just warm and dusty .

Delhi has cluttered societies where almost everyone knows each other in the neighborhood , Gurgaon has huge multi-storied structures where people just get into the lift and vanish in their apartment.

Both Delhi and Gurgaon score good marks in food. 🙂

Delhi has a more homely feel to it with the e-rickshaws , hawkers , markets and the throbbing street food culture, Gurgaon has more or a corporate and dry atmosphere where life happens only on weekends.

Delhi has metro , Gurgaon has rapid metro ( but same metro pass runs for both)

I had heard that every place carries its own energy , if you are sensitive you can feel it. Got to feel this phenomenon when travelling from delhi to Gurgaon.

Energy of Delhi : Very homely and nice

Energy of Gurgaon: Dry and without spice 😉

With this short post I take your leave.

DISCLAIMER : All the text written above is the sole opinion of Kulpreeth Singh and is written purely for the purpose of entertainment and is not intended to hurt/offend/favour anyone living either in Delhi/Gurgaon or any other part of the world.



P.S – Will be more regular posting here, exciting stuff coming up in my life in the coming months 🙂






A stranger who refused to break my heart :)

Thanks to my recent accident my means of transport to wander around the city has been mainly the city bus and auto . While I have had my share of not so good experiences with buses and autos . Here is one special incident I would like to share.

I was dropped by my friend Dixit somewhere in Nallakunta.  I had a choice to take a bus from there or to hop in an auto. I chose the latter and went to an auto guy . He looked old and I thought he is also a smoker . Smoking and tobacco chewing auto walas are last on my priority list ( to be boarded only if no other auto in sight and/or in extreme emergency!! ). I  asked him if he can take me to my place. He told NO . I pacified myself thinking this guy has no punya for me to board his auto 😀 , I looked at him and was turning towards the road to look for the other autos when he said ” Theek hai aayie , Aapka Dil mai nahi todoonga “( Ok come , I don’t want to break your heart ) and he gave me a big smile. Wonder struck at what he had just said, I got into his auto . While we were travelling he told me that he was a muslim and he was all praise for the traditions and practices of sikkhism ( the religion that I followed ) , he spoke which such humility and tenderness , he told that he often visits a gurudwara , the best part was he was always smiling while talking .  Then he asked me about my education , I told him I have passed engineeering . He told me in in his nawabi islamic style ” Mubarak ho apko , bohot bohot mubarak ho , Allah ka lakh lakh shukar hai ki aap pass ho gaye” ( Congratulations , many many congratulations , my gratitude to Allah that you passed it ), the way he congratulated me , he really really meant it , I was moved ( till now it was only me thanking God that I passed engineering , this uncle was the first one to thank God for my passing 😀 ). Then with immense pride and a twinkle in the eyes he told me ” Sahab , mai bhi 10th pass hoon ” ( Sir , I have also passed 10th class ) . Then he told that after that he stopped studying to serve his grandfather , he told that his grandfather had taught him a lot about human values , he told me that his grandfather used to tell him only one thing and that was that we should never break anyone’s heart . He told after his grandfather passed away he came to city to look for a job and now is driving an auto since 15 years. I was silently listening . He told his son is in 12th standard and studies quite well. Showing all his 32 teeth in the rear view mirror he told me ” Sahab , my son has told me not to worry and that he will pass for sure and be a good human being in life” . This time I said ” Mubarak ho apko , bohot bohot mubarak ho ” . He told “Shukriya shukriya “.

Then we both were silent for the rest of the journey. I could not help but wonder about this angelic auto uncle, every word he spoke was from the heart, he was always smiling , he was so forthcoming , he was grateful to God for what he had and also he thanked God for what I achieved . I began to ask myself … Is money the thing we need in life ? Is poverty just about one’s financial status or just a state of mind ? I would say that in no regard I saw this uncle as a poor person, according to me he was more rich than many rich people I know.

My thoughts were interrupted when my house came. The fare was around 30 rs , I promptly took out a 50rs note and gave it to him , thanked him for the ride and walked away, he looked at the meter , then at the 50rs note and shouted a loud ” Thank you Sahab ” from his auto. I waved him goodbye and walked into my apartment with a smile 🙂 Then I realised that I Should have at least asked his name. Mentally I decided that I will write about this stranger who refused to break my heart , and here it is now for you to read 🙂

Lots of love

Kulpreeth 🙂

Textbook to line … part 2

The sense of time was out of my understanding , 2 days of travel and we already felt like we’ve travelled much longer than we actually did. When we reached Rishikesh , the POA was to stay there for 4 days and to&fro haridwar whenever necessary …


1. The Ganga dip – The first doopki washes away anything good/bad you have in your mind/body. Its a mountain dew task !

2. Shiv ji meditates on the ganga ! to have  the strength ( the triceps )  and stability ( the stillness in the face ) is my new aim in life 😉

3. Ganga maiya show different things at different times of the day , morning – ferocious and wild , afternoon – cool and steady , evening- ferocious but cool . Every morning and evening we got to see a blanket of mist on the water ( can you spot it in the picture below ? ) . The moving water and the stationary mist on it ! WOW .

4. Sit beside the ganga and look at the flowing water ( your experience might be different , here is mine ), after some time I saw my thoughts flowing like the water through my mind and later thoughtlessness was experienced – THERE ARE TRULY SOMETHINGS THAT MONEY CAN’T BUY!

5. Stomach God was made to digest salads , pasta , pancakes , olive oil . Also i was educated about what is the meaning of bunjy jumping , Uma bharti and few other things the majority population will consider as trivial information ( it was not so trivial for me ). I also got pronounciation lessons . Courtesy priya didi 🙂 who skillfully overlooked my dumbness and help me see the bigger prespective of life 🙂


1. Mansa devi temple – Involves a cable car ride , a ROADIES TASK to go up and come back !

2. Hoshyarpuri hotel – Stomach God wanted to part ways with my body and just stay there. My taste buds had a full on long kriya experience !

3. Aghori baba – Saw one of them. Ill speak no more about them! ( Its not good for health to talk about them.)

4. Backache was cured by Om Namah shivaya massage ( courtesy Priya di ) . It was not even a massage , ask her what it was. she exists on


Benaras Hindu University – Green , silent , huge . Worth a visit.

Rajesh Jagasia – Curly hair , twinkling eyes , chirpy laughter , lively presence .

aarwantand – A village which lives without electricity , fertile land , pukka homes , but with a guru in their heart.

Vishwanath temple aarti – If attended when you are in a deep meditative state , you will break into a happy taandav.

Vishalakshi temple – First devi idol I saw which had closed eyes ,one devi ( read priya di ) singing for the other, it was beautiful to be there !



Taj mahal – Beautiful , but cannot visit when sun God is prominent in the sky.

Ankit  & family – Gods in pampering , I really cannot write in words the way I was pampered.

Fatehpur Sikri – Similar to Agra fort , but there is a dargah here where wishes come true if you tie a thread to the wall it seems 😉

This was what I saw on the outside during my trip. I was made to see a lot of things in the inside by my mentor priyamani , The blog post about which will arrive in a few days 🙂 To conclude ill just say that ” The fun side is the inside ” look out for the next post ! JGD 🙂

Lots of love

Kullu 🙂

Textbook to line … part 1

Everywhere I went , people told me what I should be becoming in my near future, how I should dress , they wanted me to become a new person ( I have completed engineering ! Don’t I deserve some peace ! I thought ). Not that I did not want to plan my future , but before that I wanted some ” MY TIME ” 😉 . The creator of the world listened to me and one evening I got a phone call . It was from Priya Di ( my mentor ). She said that she is planning a trip to north India . We’ll be meeting in Delhi and then we’ll go amritsar-hrishikesh-haridwar-varanasi and then back to Delhi.” Are you in ?” , she asked . I said YES!

Then she also mentioned that this trip will be more about spending time with our self , of course we’ll have fun but and not much hoo-la will be there . JACKPOT ! So this post is about this 15 day adventure I had 🙂

Parents were convinced , money was arranged , I added three days before the trip ( in delhi ) and three days after the trip ( in agra ) to my schedule. I was excited  , but the excitement did not last, the train tickets ( tatkal ones) got over in a record 7 mins after the window opened. Things got arranged such that I was to board a flight to delhi early in the morning. I went to the airport and looked around every corner of it with my trolley (It was my first time in an airport ). I boarded the plane and was in the air in no time . The creator is really kind I must say for he showed me this from the window :




I felt like I should just go out of the window and walk into this other world that exists up here 🙂 It was like meditation. Soon we were losing hieght and I saw lotus temple from the plane while landing .

DELHI – ( 3 days and 3 nights ) – GO WITH THE FLOW !

Three days and three nights I got to stay in Delhi.

1. The Delhi metro is an illusion ! The air condition , the speed , the perfect timing don’t matter when you are stuck in it not knowing who is touching which part of your body. ( I felt this is how mumbai local trains might be) . Running down an escalator to catch the train, standing in line waiting for the train,  the metro announcement system , rain , getting into wrong metros and reaching unknown places was experienced. 🙂

2. Haldirams , The Big Chill , Parathe Wali Gali , barbeque nation , stomach God was very happy with Delhi ( also I liked to see parantha , kulcha , chole instead of Idli , dosa , wada in the menu card ) . Excellent eating joints were visited and excellent food consumed.

3. Met Rohit , Kabir , harsha , sundarajan . Crowded and hot during the day , empty and silent are the streets of Delhi at night , a night stroll through the almost no greenery lanes was like a nature walk in ashram !

With mind and stomach happy I left Delhi ! ( there was moisture in eyes but it did not manifest into tears 😉 )

AMRITSAR – ( 2 days and 2 nights ) – UN – ADULT – RATED !

1. Kriya in golden temple – yeh nahi kiya to kya kiya !

2. Amritsari kulcha – taste it ( you’ll know why all punjabi’s are built the way they are )

3. Aam patti – something made of mango , looks like tree bark , it will tantalize your taste buds 😛

4. Also amritsar is divided into two parts : The old sepia amritsar ( which has antique houses , shops which are mesmerising to look at ) & The new posh amritsar which is like any other city ( traffic lights , clean roads , apartments , malls ) . The first part is better than the second .

About Hrishikesh , varanasi , agra I will write in the next post … will post it tomorrow 🙂

Lots of love







Wisdom&Creativity – Part 3 ! ! !

The two questions about the devi and the food were ruling my consciousness, then I decided that something needs to be done about it, I chose food over the devi ( for obvious reasons ) and asked a security guard where the food will be served. He was standing at the gates of another temple with a gold painted entrance ( the paint was looking quite new so I took it to be  just a side temple and not the main one ). Then the guard asked me if I have gone inside the temple. I asked which god’s temple it is . He said Saraswati temple. Eureka! I was so happy to find the devi and felt bad to have overlooked this temple before. We entered the temple. Immense gratitude came  to have finally seen a legendary saraswati temple. Like how the saying goes ” love is in the air” ,  about the inside of the temple I would say knowledge and creativity are in the air. I saw there were around 50 young girls sitting near the devi , I could not go near to the devi and so prayed from far , when I was doing the pradakshina , those 50 girls broke into a melodious song for the devi. In one voice they sang a song in an unknown tongue, their voice magically magnified because of the closed space in which they were singing , listening to it I was filled with joy, such devotion to the art and the goddess of the art  I had not seen before , the song ended very fast , they sang only one paragraph. After some time the priest did pooja and was giving something to the girls. Intution told me that it was some kind of a initiation ceremony, after little analysis and inferences I took it for a fact that before you start anything in the field of wisdom and creativity it is a good idea to start it in front of Ms. Saraswati. The girls had so much excitement in their eyes as they finished the song ,with full joy and faith they took the prasad and chirpped away out of the temple . I told faraaz to sit and meditate for some time while I complete my pradakshinas. Kindness and humility personified as he is , he oboliged and I started my rounds with the chantings of Om Namah Shivaya around the diety. As I took the rounds I saw that the temple was filled with small kids, their shouts and cries sounded like the temple bells, also there were a lot of pegions and sparrows around the ceiling making cute noises . People brought slate and chalk and gave it to the priest who after offering it to the devi, made the kids write their first letters on the slate, some more people came and sang in front of the devi. Paintings of different floral patterns adorned almost whole of the temple floor. Walking around the temple felt like walking into a very happy dream where everything is colourfull, every minute detail of the surrounding is filled with joy. My pradakshinas ended and then I sat beside faraaz to meditate. The moment I closed my eyes, meditation happened( Very rare phenomenon when I am the subject of discussion ) . 7 to 10 minutes of stillness inside and outside broughtso much contentment, when I opened my eyes I also wanted to sing for the devi. ” Kehne ko jash-e-bahaara hai , ishq yeh dekh ke hairaan hai, phool se khusboo khafa khafa hai gulshan me, chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilman me … ” This beaudy favourite song of mine was what I sang for the devi( so what if its not a devotional song , its all about singing with devotion ) and then I prayed that let my voice sound melodious to all types of ears and requested Saraswati devi to come and reside in which ever part of my body she feel fit enough to reside ( like how they say saraswati resides in lata mageshkar’s throat, so she can as well come and reside in some part in my body). Then we got to attend the aarti ( my favourite part of any temple visit ), this is when I got to see the idol closely , the idol was shining with jewels and gold adorning every inch of its existence. The best part I felt was a diamond nose ring which was shining the most, I promised myself that when I find the woman of my life I will decorate her just like this idol. Then after that we sat in the temple for some more time.Photography in temple was strictly prohibited and I obliged with this rule as I felt  nothing in the temple could be captured with any type of gadgets. The air in the temple was cold contrasting to the heat outside the temple,  then we headed to the food hall. Food is one of the main attractions that any temple holds for me, past experiences in various temples had made my expectations very high when it came to tasting temple food. With great excitement I went to the dining hall which was huge.

When I had the meal there were around 400 people siting in the hall and the hall was still occupied to less than half  of its full capacity.They started serving the food and there was only word came to my mind when I ate it ” DISASTER”  . The sweet dish was served first and the rice poured over the sweet dish rendering everything else that we ate a sweet taste, hence spoiling the taste of the rest of the items. All in all it was a very bad experience and somehow I filled myself up and went to the wash area and while coming out of the wash area god sent two elephants to lift my spirits.These two elephants were being fed , and the cutest moment I felt was when they both took water in their respective trunks and fed each other the water. Then it was time for them to have bath. They were having fun going roung and round and wetting all parts of their body in the process, watching them made me forget the food tragedy.

After lunch we again went and sat in the saraswati temple for some more time. Sleep was slowly coming telling us that we ought to get into a bus back to manipal . Promising myself that I will visit this temple at least once again, I left the temple vicinity with a smile. We got into the bus which brought us miraculously fastly to manipal ( or maybe I did not realise the time because I was mainly asleep through out the journey). Thus ended my day and I fell on bed totally content to have visited the shringeri temple with a faith that I will surely visit it again 🙂

Mr.Dinesh Ghodke had once said the following lines :

communication from head to head is through words,

communication from heart to heart is through music,

communication from soul to soul is in silence.

The visit to shringeri temple made me experience each of these lines to a certain degree.
Lots of love
Kullu 🙂

Wisdom & Creativity Part-2!!

continued from part-1

This majestic monument came into view which sent all my questions about beauty and heaven to a place where I could never find them again. Both my vocal cords and mental cords had frozen and I walked in utter silence towards this monument. As I went inside I saw that there was a single tubelight inside and everything else was black. There was a shivling inside I looked at it for few seconds then my eyes were all over the place. The temple from the inside had exactly 12 pillars with a zodiac sign carved on them and on the ceiling was some carving of something I did not understand( moral of the story is to do little research and go when you visit legendary places) .I saw a guide explaining something about the carvings to some tourists, I wanted to listen but  chose to explore more nooks and corners of the place . I was engrossed in observing the insides when the shouts from the priest reminded me that I also need to pray before the diety. I went closed my eyes , folded my hands and made a wish and was out of the temple. The outer surface of the temple fascinated me more. This temple was being washed ( I would kill them if they even tried to renovate it ). Water was being poured from the top of the highest point on the monument . I got lost in the sight. Some of the carvings on the temple were fully washed, some were yet to be washed and some were partially washed. All of them radiated beauty beyond description. I tried to capture some of it in my camera.

Then we saw there was a river beside the temple. Faraaz and me reached the threshold and this is what we saw

Those black things in the water were actually huge catfish, never I had seen such huge catfish in such shallow waters. People were feeding them Prasad and they were jumping on it like little kids jump on toys.These fish were even the size of little kids.

Many funny things happened at this bank where people dipped their kid’s feet in the water and some people wanted to touch the fish . I felt the people thought the fish had some divine powers which will blow wisdom and creativity into their kids if they touched the fish . One person was even talking to these fish. To me the first thought that came when I saw these fish was that if one fish is taken out of water it can make a feast for at least 4  people. Inspired by the madness going around me I also dipped my feet in the water, hoping the fish comes and brings super creativity along with it to give me, I was hoping that a big fish comes to me so more creativity will come ( humans like me can go to any extent ! ), I was sitting and fish was coming and going , but no one stopping near me , then suddenly a HUGE black fish came and stopped near me , it looked very calm and composed when compared to the commotion made by the other fish around it,  I was scared to touch it but placed my hand millimeters above it ( like I touched its aura 😀 ) , happified that my wish was fulfilled I sat by the river for some more time. Soon the entertainment became boredom and then after some time I was wondering two things

1.Where is the saraswati temple ? I saw a shivling not a devi idol

2. When will they start giving food?

I got answers to both my questions one answer is very dear to my heart , the other answer I want to forget…

More about it in the next post …

Lots of love

Kullu 🙂

Wisdom & Creativity Part-1

Since my school days I had herd of this very famous Saraswati temple in Basar ( it is close to Andhra Pradesh-Maharastra border ). Every year the 10th class students of my school were taken on a school trip to this place to pray for good results. But somehow when my 10th class approached I did not go to this place before I began my 10th ( the trip was during the summer vacations and at that point of time mangoes and an air conditioned bedroom with TV were my priority 🙂 ). My friends who went there told that I should have come and it’s a very rare thing to visit a legendary Saraswati temple as very few of them exist on the globe. That day I thought that someday I will surely visit a legendary Saraswati temple and have been finding ways to go to Basar since then but somehow things did not work out.

5 years later…

Last week I did visit a legendary Saraswati temple . Shringeri temple it is called and this post is about this piece of land which simply refuses to belong to the planet earth, people in heaven wanted to show the earthlings how it feels like to be in heaven, hence manifested the Shringeri temple ( also many other names like Kollur temple , Art of living International centre Bangalore , Golden temple Amritsar fall in this category ).

It was Holi and our college gave a Holiday( miracles do happen 😀  ), Faraaz and myself refused to be coloured this holi. I told him I am going to this place called shringeri. Faraaz said he too wants to come. We both started our journey towards the goddess of wisdom and creativity early in the morning from our dear and unavoidable Tiger Circle. The bus ride was adventurous. We climed up a mountain towards Agumbe . I gasped as the bus took some sharp “ Mountain-dew” turns ( those turns made me realise ki darr ke aage jeet hai! 😀 ). Mr.mountain ( still sleeping) snored cold air in the bus and for few moments we shivered before we closed the window. The green colour all around was welcoming and fresh. The bus journey got over before we realized and shringeri bus stop welcomed us. The temple was a short walk from the bus stop.

We entered the vicinity of the temple and it was not what I expected. It was fully made of stone and not an ounce of greenery around the temple and half the temple was getting renovated. I consoled myself saying , it was summer season and I should not expect so much greenery ( but some part of my head was screaming, Where the hell is heaven ? where the hell is beauty ? ) I walked little more inside and then I got slapped on my face.

Will continue in the next post …